Tactus Concept Makes the Touch Screen to the Physical Keyboard

The company tactus has developed a special foil with which help of the touch screen can be a physical keyboard. Similar to at the ideas further haptic feedback for displays can feel the buttons and can be seen, also significantly raised as in the video after the break.

The keys are about micro fine channels in the film developed by tactus are filled with fluid. The touchscreen in Themotorcyclers itself remains essentially flat. So far it is where by tactus of developed touch screen a prototype that but will soon be a production-ready model.

Video To The Touch Screen As A Physical Keyboard

Physical Buttons Fill Up Like Balloons

According to company tactus its the touch screens in as far as developed, that could get to the middle of next year in the trade. On the touch screen tactile buttons fill is similar like balloons on the micro channels with fluid and on the same route again emptied. So, the touch screen is again flat. In this way one is able, different buttons, which you must set forms however previously on the touch screen to create. According to the Tactus CEO Craig Ciesla the idea came him to this touch screen, because he missed switch, the physical buttons on his BlackBerry for a phone.

Touch Screen To Use For The Visually Impaired

Another idea for using the physical buttons on a touch screen would be, to the representation of the Braille font to use for the visually impaired. These able to be able to use Smart phones or tablets with their own hands would be. A pity is that this film only to display previously defined keys for the device operation and to be able to produce not freely definable keys and buttons. The idea seems good, because you can use physical buttons in this way, without the use of an accessory. Remains to be seen how expensive this technology will be.