The Secret Agency Achieves the Impossible

I present to Virginia Ibáñez, secret agent. There is no secret of fashion, technology, gourmet, or books that can resist: get what you want and with an efficiency that would give jealousy footballer James Bond. Founder of The secret agency, ES personal assistant shopping online and offline, no matter what difficult or exclusive that is the product or service […]


Muzungu Sisters Pop Up Store in Madrid

One of the most charming of Madrid, is a small block courtyard from the calle Hermosilla, in the heart of the Salamanca district, district of stores par excellence, the courtyard where it is located Federica & Co It is a magical place full of wonderful different delicacies, many times, even unique, which I recommend to visit each […]


Jean Paul Gaultier Fall-Winter in the Paris Fashion Week

Jean Paul Gaultier the staff of Hermes gave to Christophe Lemaire since 2010 by what has been able to engage in full his eponymous firm, which has its best version in Haute Couture. There is where 58-year-old French designer decides to play with your imagination and propose another style of fashion that we don’t expect. A […]

Bags and Shoes

Choose the Right Bag for Your Body

Disney Co If the accessories are easier to choose the clothes as they are one size, the fact is no less interesting to adapt to the morphology. In the same way that large jewelry are the best effect on large or plump women and fine jewelry are the most pocket, handbags can fit in the same […]

Bags and Shoes

Tips to Clean Leather Bags

Whether a branded bag, a bag or a vintage leather handbag, the handbag is our ally in everyday life. We will catch our makeup case, our deodorant travel size and everything else. It prevails everywhere and it is placed … everywhere.Result ? This is a real nest for microbes. How to care for her purse? How to clean her handbag […]

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Best Vintage Clothes

What do we mean by Vintage? Vintage is a term originally used to talk about vintages and wines. Is that in the years 90′ we started to use it in the field of fashion to designate the old clothing designed by big designers, then the word eventually be used for the oldest second-hand parts. It is a phenomenon of […]

Women's Clothing

Color Block Prom Dress

What is a color-block? A color-block is solid a garment or a dress consisting of two or more colors. The different combinations generate many different styles, they can be bold, direct or cohesive. For me, the color-block is a solid color scheme. It is simply to obtain a perfect result in simplicity.