Chanel from the Inside

This morning I offered a small snack in the form of impressions of what was yesterday evening parade of High Couture from Chanel: an experience halfway between fantasy and reality.


7 Spectacular Jackets to Combine Your Party Looks

Having a wedding or party in spring we almost “forced” to take a jacket or a light top coat. Weather is highly variable, can be to make a radiant Sun or it cools. Find a party outside garment is almost a mission impossible and it should also match the look that we. You then have seven ideas […]

Women's Clothing

How to Wear Your Summer Clothes in the Fall

Because you don’t have to give up those long dresses. Let EVso go can be difficult. Despite the animation with the hot chocolates and the jackets, is still hard to say goodbye to those hot sunny days. and the looks that come with them. There’s something special about wearing a flowered dress, combine with a popsicle and be inside of street style. But, […]