The Secret Agency Achieves the Impossible

I present to Virginia Ibáñez, secret agent. There is no secret of fashion, technology, gourmet, or books that can resist: get what you want and with an efficiency that would give jealousy footballer James Bond. Founder of The secret agency, ES personal assistant shopping online and offline, no matter what difficult or exclusive that is the product or service […]


Cruise Collection: the Pomp and Tinsel of Versailles

These days jumped to the press reported that a couple of slippers taffeta, decorated with gauze of Silk Green and pink striped with a big bow in the Center, belonging to the Queen Marie-Antoinette Habsburg, the French monarch Luis XVI spouse, have been auctioned, reaching the astronomical amount of sixty and two thousand four hundred sixty euros.


Do We Know what Luxury Brands Are Talking about?

You are in a meeting of friends or tennis with your co-workers. Enjoying the conversation that is going around on the most varied topics, and as the most sociable human beings, want to impress the group talking about the best of what you like and conveys style or What possessions considered luxury.

Bags and Shoes

Handbags of Famous Babes

The bag is an accessory that can not miss for women who always have this accessory from different brands and different colors to make combinations, but the bags darlings of the famous are way better and designer of envy. The marks of the darlings of the famous handbags range from the classic Chanel to Louis […]