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How to Remove Grease Stains from Shirts

Stain clothing is probably the most frequently and, at the same time, easier than can happen just moments before meeting others. The grease stains, in particular, in addition to representing a momentary problem, they can also ruin the fabric. In this respect, the following guide will show you how to permanently delete stains of fat […]

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Stylish Plus Size Dresses

The match more articles of colorful fashion allows you to slim the their image, promoting the style of elegance and poise in plus sizes. Depending on the occasion you can opt for a shirt with a matching coloured lines, according to similar or complementary colours, or secondary color primary colors or neutral as associate black and white. The pants can detach as color to sharpen […]

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Best Vintage Clothes

What do we mean by Vintage? Vintage is a term originally used to talk about vintages and wines. Is that in the years 90′ we started to use it in the field of fashion to designate the old clothing designed by big designers, then the word eventually be used for the oldest second-hand parts. It is a phenomenon of […]