Women's Clothing

Well-Behaved Swimsuits Are High! But Where to Buy Them?

Tiny bikini showing all the neck, belly, crotch and much of the butt? It doesn’t belong to you anymore! … Claudia Abreu, Priscila Fantin, Taylor Swift and other famous have appeared in magazines of celebrities wearing swimsuits retro style, with a modern air. This raises the hope that the big brands of popular clothing will […]

Women's Clothing

How to Make Shorts from Old Pants

Girls get ready! Summer’s coming, and with it comes also the sets of customized clothing. In fact this style is already being seen for some months now and definitely been doing the greatest success. In this new season is coming, the shorts are with everything and the customized will blow.


How to be Stylish in Clothes as a Pregnant Women

Aarhus is one of the towns in Denmark, which has the lowest average age – in other words, there are extremely many young people in the city, both young men and young women. And with the right clothes you can get fast contact with these women as a man! A couple of really good shorts, […]