Giorgio Armani Stars in the Last Campaign of His Signature

It seems that the prestigious Italian designer Giorgio Armani It has been “chef before Friar” and already posed as a model long ago, so it has decided to launch and be your own signature image in an announcement of its line of made-to-measure tailoring. It is the first time that Giorgio Armani, 79 years old, decides to advertise if […]

Men's Clothing

Narrow Ties

In the very narrow ties friend and foe facing relatively unforgiving. The fans of skinny ties dismiss wider ties as a stuffy , the friends of the standard format laugh at the thin things. The solid models are particularly controversial. Like to be purchased by their supporters, because they are easy to combine, they feel […]

Men's Clothing

Half a Dozen Essential Ties and Clips

If you want to climb a long ladder, do not look toward the end. Look at each step “;Leonardo Boff, a Brazilian philosopher. Almost all assume that to complete an elegant dressing need many years. And that their quality is determined not by the amount of their garments, much less at cost, but for the dedication, commitment […]