Talk to a Doctor, The New Initiative Medical by Part of Google

One of the areas with further in the the tech world is the one in general, health-oriented. A really useful example we note with the Primum Health application, oriented so that chronic patients can perform at home routine revisions without having the need to go to the doctor for these purposes.

Google was not going to be left behind and we saw how Google Fit taught us a small sample to quantify our exercise and store our measurements of health. But Google It could take a step forward with its Talk to doctor that would run with the help of Google Now and that could lead to a revolution in the medical field applied to Android.

Its operation is based on the search engine of Google Now, where we will seek information about a disease or some specific symptoms. Then we will get a card to the purest style Now where we will see different information about the search, giving us the possibility to contact a doctor via video call.

At the moment it is available on some devices in the United States and at the moment to be a trial version is free, but once developed the final version will have to contribute economically to enjoy it. We doubt that this service reaches a country like Spain but it is never more see what innovative Google movements.