Tattooed Watches-Material Loss with Appreciation

Deep scratches in a clock-the naked horror for every watch lover. There are the everyday and no longer to remove tracks, which lose value above all luxury watches let. And also from the aesthetic point of view, hardly anyone had a wretched time knife forward. Unless the tracks come from the hand of a master engraver, who has targeted the deep notches into the metal. Such elaborate decorations can even increase the value of an already expensive watch. Completely decorated unique for 20,000 euro and more will quickly from a Rolex with a retail price from 5,000 euros.

Black scores instead of diamonds

While previously mainly watches made of gold and silver received this type of finishes, master engravers today also on less noble metals – steel for example eternalize yourselves. There are companies likeMagrette from New Zealand and the Italian tradition brand Panerai, who sell decorated watches in limited editions from 5 to 99 pieces by hand. The price for a Magrette is still comparatively cheap at around 4,000 euros. A Panerai with classical ornamentation is 17,000 euros.

A completely “tattooed” Rolex there is unfortunately not directly from the manufacturer. Who would rather have a high-contrast decorated Rolex instead of diamonds on the dial, should they bring themselves to the engraver or she gets with a provider like made worn in the United States. The prices here are between 12,000 and 28,000 dollars.

Despite the high prices, these watches are not as elitist and well-protected safe pieces, but more like sporty timepiece that got missed a few tattoos. You go through quite as roadworthy. Especially when the owner is tattoo carrier.

Of the sleeve at the wrist

The ornaments on the mostly a few square millimeters large areas of luxury watches are from experienced engravers, which specializes in the artistic decoration of hunting rifles. So, the Italian watch brand Squale watches fair BASELWORLD 2015 exhibited a prototype of a diver’s watch made of bronze, the master engraver Mario Terzi has finished.

Terzi engraved for well-known Italian gun manufacturer. One delivers only 20 to 30 hunting rifles from them in a year. Wealthy and prominent clients that take five to seven years waiting in purchase – and pay five to six-figure amounts.

Photos: Squale

For Terzi makes no difference it from the craft, what subject or what material he engraved. Only the small surface of clock case need a planning and drawing the motives of advance. He is of the view that a good engraver must be always a good Illustrator and artist. Because like a tattoo, a detailed drawing on paper precedes each engraving. The artist delivers it to the connection on the housing and carefully work out the ornaments. In New Zealand, America, or Italy – the procedure is the same everywhere.

Differently, however, are the motifs which make work watch manufacturers in the metal. So, Mario Terzi working just on a Squale dive watch with a shark motif. Magrette watch brand opts for the tattoos of the natives of New Zealand’s Maori ornaments – borrowed from. Made worn in the United States can be ornate Rolex watches by American gun engravers. The results give a touch of Wild West. And the Italian luxury brand Panerai relies on traditional patterns like the Florentine Lily.

Perfect material loss

This form shows the watches-refining, that an engraving with a dedication on the back of a watch must end, but also artistically over the whole watch can extend. And because it is pure handmade, each watch is unique and patrimonial and material value. Despite the loss of certain material.

These watches-have seen once only one drawback from the high prices. Who is excited for them and with them engaged longer, any normal watch will appear in future a little naked and unfinished the. A statement that many tattoo friend can understand well.