TB-01: Know All about the New Tablet

Yes, Mondial is launching a  tablet . This brand(which you have certainly seen stamped on some fan, epilator, vacuum cleaner or air conditioner in your grandmother’s house) decided, for any unknown reason, to bet your chips in the mobile segment. Do not ask us why, kindly.

Taking advantage of its participation in Eletrolarshow 2014(technology fair that took place between September 15 and 18), the company presented the world TB-01, which should reach the market in November at a suggested price of R $ 349. Obviously, for that value, the product is far from being the gadget of dreams. However, it sadly disappoints even when analyzed from the perspective of a low-end device according to picktrue.com.

The main problem with the device is its screen, which features absurdly faded colors and an unacceptable resolution – are 800×480 pixels scattered on a 7-inch display. For some time now this writer has not seen so many little squares when looking at the screen of a mobile device.

In addition, in general, the TB-01 has medium-sized configurations that are even below models manufactured by other Brazilian companies, such as DL, Positivo and TecToy. The hardware that equips the gadget is as follows:

  • Quad core processor(unknown speed)
  • Android operating system 4.4.2
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 8 GB internal storage(expandable with micro SD card)
  • 2MP rear camera and 0.3MP front camera

Manufactured in Manaus(which allows you to enjoy tax benefits of the Law of Good), the tablet will be available with the back in black, white and pink. Not that this is able to save the flawed TB-01 design project, which frightens mainly by the excess of edges skirting the display. And you, would you buy one of those?