Tech21 D3o Flip Power Banks For Iphone 4

Designed for iPhone 4
This Tech21 pouch has been designed specifically for the iPhone 4, as the power bank has cutouts for the various ports and functions in your phone, such as on the back of your iPhone 4. Here are a camera with flash, while the volume buttons located on the side.

Tech31 Power Bank

In addition, the d3o will protect your phone from the case. This technology will protect your iPhone from all light fall. D3o is an innovative substance, which gives your device a great protection. This kind of case is often used by extreme sports brands and professional athletes all over the world, d3o offers a unique protection for your iPhone.

Flip will keep your screen only, as long as you choose to keep your iPhone in case.
Flip will protect the screen of your phone when the is used. The built-in flip and contrast by the orange stitches on its case combines and creates an elegant pouch.

Tech21 Power Bank for iPhone

The power bank can be made up while watching videos on wholesaleably.
The flap can also be folded back and can be used as a stand for watching video or make use of the iPhones easier when you’re sitting on the plane or in the train for example.