Technaxx FMT300 BT in the Test

Good facilities at a reasonable price: Given the current economic climate are favourable conditions for a device. That thought probably Technaxx and developed a combination of hands-free kit and FM transmitter.

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We have tested the handsfree Technaxx FMT300 for you:

In fact, the concept sounds promising: you take an FM Transmitter, buy him a Bluetooth function and the handsfree is ready. So that you can control the whole thing even more comfortable, dual remotes there – one to attach to the steering wheel and one for the hand.

Also the music comes with the FMT300 BT not too short: via USB connection, the MP3 player can be connected; Alternatively, the device offers also a port for SD, SDHC and MMC. The transmission of any audio content – both MP3s and phone calls – runs through the FM transmitter.

Thus, one has so to speak their own “mini radio station”, which transmits the sound to the car radio. This must be set only to the same frequency as the FM300 BT. The case of Knaxus is however the sound quality at best achieved level radio.

Permanent Crackle

The listening test with the FM300 BT was similarly mediocre: In the car broke a permanent Crackle out of the speakers, which was hardly better also by changing the transmitter.

On short-haul routes, this condition may be more tolerable, on longer trips, the Knisterei is annoying but enormously. Another drawback: If you listen to a CD in between and get a call, you must switch back on the radio, to make phone calls.

Also in the fixed network could not convince the intelligibility and the volume; the testers in the car were difficult to understand. And since the calls over one – if radio stations are transferred only weak – eavesdropping at the traffic lights are not completely ruled out.

Technaxx FMT300 BT

Manufacturer Technaxx
Price €50.00
Rating 336.0 points
Test procedure 1.0





Technical data and test results

Electronics box (W x H x D in cm) 4.4 x 25.7 x 2.9
Mobile holder passive / charging /
Microphone / speaker integrated /.
own telephone book (number of entries) 0
Transfer phonebook from phone
Color display
to display SMS read / write /
own volume control
Lighting display / remote control /
automatic call acceptance
Radio mute
Voicemail (voice recorder)
Dictate number / name store (number) / 0
Select voice dial / name from phonebook /
Read SMS Virgo.
Read the telephone book entries
Helper / keyword detection /
Profile rSAP / handsfree / headset / /
SIM card reader / antenna /
Data interface Bluetooth
Universal micro input / audio output /
Relay / ISO connectors /
Optional: VDA connection