Tennis Serve Toss Technique

Service is more than a ball, turn and sell a bang, it comes to the direction, speed and power. Toss with the service is very important. Not good toss is not here … catch and start again. We explain the different ways to earn in a nutshell.


Service is more than throwing a ball.
In tennis the literature over the years, have entire books have been written about the service. But we want to be an important part of the service as more under the microscope; namely toss.
It is not true that every player has the ball must be thrown in the same way; throw is strongly dependent on the way in which the player has the racket during the service. Globally, you can share how these three types:

  • The flat grip
  • The grip between
  • Backhand grip

With another way to keep the racket, there’s also another automatic ideal contact for the service in relation to the body.
When the plate grip is the perfect meeting place to the right of you over and above your head. When the grip between the contact point is closer, but something right and even higher costs than with the service from the flat grip. You hit the ball, so to speak? on the cover of your pets??. When you earn from the backhand grip, is the ideal meeting point directly above your head and body.
Thus, every way their own terms and benefits and style is a no fault or error in relation to the other.
It is true that it has become easier for a service from the flat forehand grip to hit a hard service, while you can give the ball a lot more and easier to perform a service from the backhand grip.

Feet and throw

It is also important to know that you must put your feet where else to go serve in a different style;the more the more dwarser backhand grip you must stand in relation to the game’s direction.
In addition, the height of the toss is extremely important as well as the direction; so you have a correct height, usually slightly higher than the final point of contact, the opportunity for a nice long and especially rhythmic motion to hit the ball on the ideal relative to the body.

Continental Service

The continental service in modern tennis most used grip to serve them, especially with the leaders.From this selection, you can directly through the right wrist action hit all sorts of services; both with speed, direction and effectiveness. But what is even better: a combination of the three. Serve from the grip between?? ?? But it’s not the easiest way to make and requires a lot of practice.
If you have any questions or would like to receive information, please do not hesitate to contact us.About turn and serving is much more to say than we have been told here in a nutshell.