Test Artengo 820 Opfeel Balance: Technology and Demand in a Single Shovel

Of the paddle fans, today I propose a challenge: try to convey in the most practical and faithful way which has been my gaming experience with shovel brand Artengo Artengo 820 Opfeel Balance. A brand that is beating strong and whose engineers do not stop spinning the “coco” to try to give us the best performance and sensations of game at the best possible price, which from my point of view are getting.

A shovel that has the following technical characteristics :

  • Weight: 375 grams.
  • Balance: 26 cm.
  • Surface sieve: 28 cm2
  • Length: 45.5 cm.
  • Thickness: 38 mm.
  • Form shovel: pear (Balance or multipurpose).
  • Composition: 50% carbon and 10% Flax Fiber.

We could say already, to casting a look at these characteristics, which we have a shovel that mainly brings together the following notes: handiness, comfort and power.

But Artengo is not at this point and goes a bit beyond incorporating his shovel a number of technologies that will enhance the aspects which we have been talking about:

  • Opfeel Form: sieve oversize to improve tolerance. Have you noticed that all the shovels Artengo (810 and 820 ranges) have the same shape? This is what is meant by the concept Opfeel Form.
  • Opfeel System: a 47% increase in the sweet spot.
  • Flax Fiber System: reduces vibrations to the beating.

We move on to the action, and it is that you as I have proposed trying to give you a vision most practice possible. During these weeks I’ve been training and playing with the shovel, which surprised me pleasantly always keeping in mind that it is intended for a type of Middle-tier player. For this reason, and to be honest, so I have noticed some shortcomings in developing the game with this shovel, getting to bring shovels to intensive players: Artengo PR 900 and Artengo PR 910.

Despite this, the feelings of the game have been very good and I had a good feeling with the shovel. It is a shovel, which gives you great control on the groundstrokes, thanks to the concept Opfeel System, which increases the sweet spot of the shovel, we will notice a reduction of errors centered and we will have fewer unforced errors. In line with this, a conservative coup as the tray, is going to be benefited by this broader sweet spot. But at the same time, their versatility gives us a supply of power that will allow you to be more effective in our attack as the volley and the top hits, and will print an extra speed to our balls.

At this point its time rating, i.e. to establish more objective results about the most characteristic aspects that come to define a paddle paddle:

  • Power: with the concept Opfeel is going to produce a more flexible framework and will give a contribution of power; made that it is also going to be favored by the multipurpose conception.
  • Control: the way Teardrop or pear, will give us a great balance for which despite being a powerful shovel will not leave aside the control.
  • Manageability: with a weight of 275 g and the teardrop-shaped, are aspects that have allowed me to a high mobility of the shovel.
  • Sweet spot (Sweet Spot): as I have been saying, the concept Opfeel System increases the sweet spot. This aspect is something that comes to light when you hit, and it is to be a shovel of mid-range offering us a sweet spot wide and slightly oriented towards the upper area of the blade at the same time giving us the power we need.
  • Tolerance and comfort: technologies incorporated and the shape of the blade, are going to notice a growing tolerance that will allow us a greater precision, in addition to providing comfort to our shock. But in one lesser degree than if pardon a shovel of intensive player.
  • Durability: not I can tell you from my experience these days if the blade is durable or not, but if I tell you from my own experience with my clients which is a blade that does not usually cause problems, so we will say that it is a tough nut to crack.
  • Value for money: here I put a distinction, and one shovel intended for a regular player and offering these benefits that we have been developing at a very low price, I dare say that it is a difficult aspect of overcome by other manufacturers of blades.

We have a shovel to a player half, or also known as Player regular going to practise this sport from 1 to 2 times a week and that he wants to get average performance for a pretty competitive price.

Therefore, what got clear to try the shovel Artengo 820 Opfeel Balance ??

  • A shovel is easy to handle, that we are going to provide power without losing control.
  • It incorporates a great technology (Opfell System) to an excellent value for money.
  • If you’re a player regular do not stay with the itch to try it.

Do you still there standing? Now release your computer, tablet or mobile; put on your shoes and go to your nearest Decathlon store to test the shovel Artengo 820 Opfeel Balance. And remember, don’t forget to take your portable device with you when you finish the match I have to comment on how you have fared.

A greeting!