Test: Becker Revo 1 Flounder Flat Noble Navi

The Becker Revo is modular, i.e.: it consists of three parts a seven millimeter flat keypad, a magnetic holder with GPS receiver and the suction cup holder for the car washer. The control panel itself is only useless, for the navigation system to work, it needs the holder so. A goal not even can only with the front panel alone type.
The revo. 1 guesses where you want

the revo. 1 has a kind of prediction, the so-called proactive start Automatic. This turns on the device when hanging in the mount itself and tries to calculate the alleged route even before it has entered the driver. If the navi noticed, for example, that your first way early in the morning to 7:30 kindergarten leads and then becomes the second in the company’s first this ever on suspicion in advance calculates routes, taking into account the traffic conditions prevailing at that time.


Mounting the control unit on the holder takes some practice. This keeps the navigation system also contribute to faster (to) ride on poor road. Because the holder has a phone mute audio output, which transmits voice prompts and telephone calls via hands-free function on the stereo in the car. You can connect a rear view camera to the video input. The navigation system will then display in reverse images from the camera on the display.

The revo. 1 in everyday

Prima: Since the holder with the GPS unit constantly in the car remains and in-between always again briefly wakes up, to update the data in the position, the navigation system when switching needs no diesel silence after less than 30 seconds started the navigation. Multiple driver profiles can be set up so that the device on the respective driving habits can set also on the pace with which everyone is usually on the road in the navi itself. The target input works thanks to the large display fast also speech input in one go (one-shot) works. It works only with little background noise and not quite as well as siri in the iphone. Smart: Near the target appears a symbol on the display, on-the-fly a parking lot near find allows you to. Whether he is still free, betrays the navi however not.

Come across the live service becker link2Live current traffic jam information and points of interest via google search. It costs 19,95 EUR (up to 30 days after initial operation, after which 29.95 euros per year). Who wants to use the service, relies on the built-in TMC traffic jam warning. When choosing a route, there were no abnormalities in the test. The navi suggested two alternatives other than a marked favorable route. In the test, the announced arrival times were just too optimistic. After several trips she adapted but the driving style.

Navi becker revo 1

24 pictures the luxury navi by becker in detail

Display and prompts

The five-inch touch-sensitive display is good size and comes with 480 x 272 pixels, so as well as the display of the upper classes competitor tomtom go live 1015. Both use a real glass surface with a capacitive surface. The input of destination in order to come much easier than with the soft resistive touch displays. Disadvantage: When mild winter sun s gave ample reflections on the display. The right light with measured around 200 lux display however largely outshines reflections.

Test: Tomtom go live 1015 world

The prompts were as good in the test that the display also could have stayed dark. What was to do as the next advance betrayed the navi. On request, extend the babble joyfulness of the pilot or restrict them. So the announcement of street names can be also switched off, the reading of signs also.

There’s lifetime map updates only when you register the navi within 30 days of purchase with becker. On the page mybecker there are the free software becker content manager it runs on windows 7 and 8. You need land, the software shoveling new maps on the navigation system on request so also speedcams on your navi. Also included: A backup function. The backup of the navi-content (around 3.1 GB) you can access back if, for example, when recording new maps on the device time something should go wrong. Custom pois can also transfer in google (KML) format to the device with the software. Have google earth, is that easy: Simply highlight the target (PIN), save this target on the PC and then by becker content manager on the navigation system pushing. Impractical: To connect the navigation systems on the PC, you need also the magnetic holder with the GPS elektroniik except for the flat panel, because it only contains the necessary USB port. The holder can therefore not always in the car remain.

The overall package of navigation, hands-free and the optional live functions is consistent, but not exactly cheap: Becker gets a whopping 349 euros for the revo. 1. Who doesn’t need live features and elegant design may renounce, gets a similarly powerful navi from the stable of becker with a becker active 50 for slightly less than half.