Test: Fujitsu Stylistic Q702 Ultrabook And tablet

Half ultrabook, half tablet
The fujitsu stylistic Q702 while outrageously expensive, combines the elegant aluminium housing thanks to removable keyboard also tablet and ultrabook in a single device. Solve the screen by sliding the keyboard, they keep a 874 grams heavy tablet in your hands so that it is around 200 grams heavier than the ipad 4. The touch screen is docked, the fujitsu brings 1,679 grams on the scale.


Four gigabyte memory and intel core i5 3427U ensures a high pace of work. The dual-core processor from intel’s ivy bridge designed specifically for ultrabooks-series has a clock speed of 1.8 ghz. For current games the fujitsu is not suitable however: The weak-breasted graphic chip intel HD 4000 is fast with his powers at the end. He was even directx 9 games with only eight frames per second on average. The test criteria, see the article COMPUTER determined image the game tempo.

Notebook with touchscreen in the test

8 devices the test candidates in good display detail

The 11.6-inch (29 cm) screen offers 1366 x 768 pixels and is slightly coated. He shows videos and photos with great contrast in decent quality but with distorted colors. Operation of the touch screen is fast and accurate, however the display in the docked state rebound after something.

Overview: New of tablets
special: Windows 8


Is on the fast SSD storage space for 128 gigabytes of data a little more would have at such a high price not harmed. Want to connect a larger screen at about the presentation, are available HDMI and VGA. Mouse, smartphone & co. Accommodate, of which one offers the fast USB 3.0 technology to the four USB connectors. Fürs web browsing is fast wi-fi on board, en route via UMTS online. Bluetooth 4.0 is missing as well as a memory card slot and a webcam.

Many security features

Interesting for business people: In addition to precision stylus input that supports Q702 security features such as intel’s anti-theft technology, computrace to the retrieval of stolen devices, fingerprint reader and hard drive encryption. Unintelligible: The necessary software for the introduced is free of charge, why you must only load from the internet and install, remains probably the secret of fujitsu.

Stable housing

Thanks to robust aluminium housing is the fujitsu hard on the rise. The processing of 12.7 millimeter thick Q702 is high quality, so it belongs to but also for a machine of this price class. The screen bracket at the keyboard is not quite tight enough for strong finger tips the display is. The precise operation via touch screen not always works. The tablet has a sensor that automatically rotates the image content, when you move from the hochkant-to the transverse mode. Switch, you disable that function.

Test: Notebook with touchscreen

Quiet during normal operation

The fujitsu remains pleasantly quiet facebook, word, and excel in such standard tasks. However, it converts a video in a smaller format, the built-in fans are clearly audible. And carry warm air through vents on the left side of the screen, to the outside. This is awkward in tablet mode, if the hand right there holding the tablet.

Technology highlights 2013

68 equipment trade fair innovations battery life

Both working and playing video the battery of the stylistic holds over seven hours of impressive, especially as other notebooks and ultrabooks rarely reach the five hour mark. The battery is empty, he needs for a full charge from the socket four hours.

Conclusion: Fujitsu stylistic Q702

The fujitsu stylistic Q702 rips a hole in the wallet though, is that thanks to the removable display as ultrabook and tablet use. Apart the device next to the enduring battery still UMTS for mobile surfing and a fingerprintscanner provides for the security.

Review conclusion: What you should know

The fujitsu stylistic Q702 while outrageously expensive, thanks to removable display but can be installed on notebook and tablet use. Also offers the UMTS device for browsing on the go, and for safety there is an introduced. The display shows videos and photos in attractive quality – however with distorted colors. It is partially coated, finger tips is to quickly and accurately the touch screen. Best price on the internet: 1.299,89 euro * order this product on amazon very long battery life pro robust housing UMTS fingerprintscanner contra little software supplied for games less suitable test note of the editorial 2.34 good users rating now evaluate alternative: Sony VAIO SV-T1312V1ES.
You need no UMTS, not introduced, and a detachable display, you are super served with the significantly lower sony VAIO SV T1312V1ES. It has not the best display bracket though, works very fast.