Test Report: Phono Amplifier Pass XP-15 to 4650 Euro

This phono amp is so unearthly good that he makes almost any turntable to the sky striker. The ultimate kick for analog fans.

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The bitterest follow all too often the most beautiful moments in the life of HiFi-tester. No, I want to ask here not pity. Finally, we editors have the privilege from time to time to listen to the best products in our industry. Only: These gems have just mostly back to manufacturer or distributor, decency, Act and account areas that.

I felt at the time also exposed this – in the face of World misery certainly back stufbaren – suffering as the rightful owner wanted to return the pass XOno. I celebrated this over-phono preamplifier audio 11/2002, then the distribution of promised myself a short private liaison with the American dream amp. The pain of separation has burned a long time ago, but indelibly.

Now I will have to be probably soon again quite brave. As with the XP-15 was the successor of the legendary XOno in the House. And goodbye, beforehand, will be worse this time. While the circuitry largely same heir to the throne brings purely externally only times less in the analog marriage.

In contrast to its predecessor, noticeably more expensive content of 4650 euro XP-15 with a single housing. The turn extremely potent power supply so this time placed pass developer Wayne Colburn in the same full aluminium area such as the actual, double mono amplifier trains marching up. Working in true symmetry, enhance so Ridge and phase inverted signal actually separated. The six decibels, so double the voltage, fair XLR outputs prove doubly expensive gait, leading ideally to complete extinction of interfering signals, because these mutually terminate itself when back together.

But also on the asymmetric RCA outputs, the foreign voltage distances are beyond good and evil. Even leisest balmy MC systems be hoisted without audible noise and Hum at high level level.

Anyway only a consumptive minority of pickups with the pass is likely to want to flirt. Because of the almost universal XP-15 can be pretty much every moving perfectly adapt to magnet, each moving iron and any moving coil in the generator of the pickup. Without that he – should be a real improvement over the to to threaded holes XOno – to the nitty-gritty. Because the two are easily accessible from the outside of the back two eight-pole dip switch batteries.

So, in eight different capacities, moving magnet can offer the adventurous pickup Tester what probably every frequency response might reasonably need to linearise and banish any resonance from the listening area. Yet variable treat the owner of MC: 256 final impedances are available, to three different gain: 50 dB/symmetrical 56, 60, 66 and 70/76; mm, 40/46 dB are fixed. Everything is not well understandable explained in the excellent manual, without the request to the own review by hearing.

I love to then came up. Of course I reined in my impatience even, because experience has shown that must now acclimatise pass amplifier. So with the Voodoo-free cable to the mains with the Kimber KS 1036 on the tube Vorstufe octave HP 500 SE’s unplugged and allow a night to warm up. Then, the next day, a listening party started beyond compare. The fiddling on the dip switches – Tester it is after all – I let be by the way quite quickly. Standard 100 or 200 ohm for my MC Favorites Benz Ebony and Clearaudio Stradivari, 70 dB gain – and I got what I need. Pass XP-15 is one of the very few HiFi devices that force formally in the Chair. To listen, enjoy, sinking, seduce the world forget. It was clear already after a few seconds of a Monteverdi Madrigal: here is a great, a master, a King.

The “divine” Claudio Monteverdi wrote several books of madrigals: secular, sometimes too secular songs for usually five registers. About the fourth book is a collection of beautiful music. Centuries old sounds, which have access to the heart, like an unknown force from great distance and yet up close. My old Philips pressing with Raymond Leppard is truly not a high-end, it burns easily and tockt once in a while. So what? How the circuits of the pass modeled the delicate fabric of voice, how they built the tissue with tremendous momentum and an incredible presence before me: Made me forget highfidele cleanliness rules. It was only the music.

For days I’ve enjoyed the XP-15, among others I tapped one of the discs for the large vinyl-special after another. Heavy metal, rock, blues, jazz, audiophiles, Chamber music, Grossorchestrales. I compared with alternative pressings, sometimes even with CDs, the question from the Forum was www.audio.de for me, which recording of Mahler’s second Symphony I would now recommend: Georg Soltis exploit from 1966, vinyl. I don’t need it on CD. Not if the XP-15 in the game.

Striking, as every competitor – and I let go this over-amp and my beloved running – literally outclassed. There was more and more volume and force more fine detail in the heights, more dynamics in the overall in the voices, more pressure in the drums. And so even the memory of the good old XOno faded…

Although the new dream pass from each cartridge fro the optimum – brings out only the best pickups can explore the full qualities. And since the best known known pickup of moving coils, this phono amp Gets a higher score than for MM for MC. The highest that ever forgave AUDIO.

Pass XP 15

Manufacturer Pass
Price €4650.00
Rating 130.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Dimensions (W x H x D) 43.0 x 11.0 x 31.0 cm
Weight 11.5 kg
Inputs MM / MC 1 / 1
Outputs Cinch + XLR
Capacity customizable Yes
Resistance adjustable Yes
Variable gain Yes
Subsonic filter No
Special features Dip switches to adjust from outside access
Adaptable phono amplifier with enormous pressure full, extremely precise and finely dissolved sound.
“Only” one input. No power switch. A subsonic filter. So what?
Sounded MM / MC 125 / 130
Facilities well
Processing outstanding
Operation outstanding
Sound judgment 130 outstanding
Price / performance outstanding
tested in issue: 6 / 09