The 10 Most Beautiful Diamonds In The World

A diamond is a gemstone of crystallized carbon with the cubic system. Its shape, its intense brilliance, value and appearance are the reasons why it is frequently used in jewelry.

If you want to know more in detail this preciousness, we leave the link to a completeguide of the diamond, which we hope you like.

All girls have dreamed of wearing one on her ring finger, praising her wrist, embracing her neck or complementing her beauty with a diamond earrings (

Frequently used in engagement rings, perfect symbol of union and promise of everything that is to come.

There are many diamonds that have been famous throughout history. Today we bring you our Top 10 most beautiful diamonds in the world. Every jewelry lover dreams of having some of these precious things in their collection, although they are not within the reach of anyone.


Known as the Southern Star or Africa (where it was found), this cut diamond is the largest in the world with 530.20 carats in weight. It was delivered to King Edward VII, who ordered him to carve in 1906 and from which 150 pieces were obtained. The pieces of this diamond were categorized according to their size and left naming as Cullinan I, Cullinan II etc. Some of them, used in real adornments, were sold and presented. How should those who had the opportunity to have it in their hands when they were still in their prime? Marvel at least, safe.

Our Light

He conquered us by his naturalness, and is also known as Lesedi La Rona. Thisdiamond was found in Africa. It is estimated that after Cullinan is the largest in the world, and currently the largest uncut, 1,109 carats. It was taken to auction but no one bought it, the bid, made in June 2016, was stopped at 61 million dollars.

At first glance, its beauty does not stand out as much as its list partners, but it is that simplicity and freshness that make it more impressive and worth admiring.


Diamond of 273.85 carats, positioned as the third largest in the world. Discovered in 1986, also in South Africa, a whole year was needed to prepare the right equipment to carve it, since it was feared that the classic tools would damage it. Gabi Tolkowsky, was commissioned together with a small team to model it, needing almost three years to work. Presented to the public for the first time in the Tower of London in the fifth month of 1991.

At present its whereabouts, owner and value are unknown, although there is no lack of speculation. Can you imagine that someone who was unsuspecting was stolen and thought that it was locked up and was not it? Be that as it may, it seems a shame not to be exposed because this beauty should be available to be able to admire it.

Diamond Orlov

Found in India in the late eighteenth century, this diamond weighs 189.62 carats.Grigori Grogorievich Orlov bought it in 1774 and gave it to his former lover Catherine the Great. The idea was to return with him, and although she was delighted, this time love did not triumph. Catherine ordered the precious stone to be mounted on the imperial scepter of the Romanovs.

Surely Catherine the Great felt even more powerful with this beauty in her royal cedar. He is still sighing now and rightly so!

Taylor Burton

Diamond of 68 carats from South Africa. It was a gift from Richard Burton to his wife Elisabeth Taylor. It was 1969 when the famous actor bought it for $ 1,100,000, stood as the most expensive jewel to date. The puja was very close, Burton said that more than $ 1,000,000 would not pay, but finally did, as it was the only way to get what he considered the perfect symbol of love with Elizabeth Taylor. Lover of the jewels, when it divorced for the second time of Burton decided to sell it and destined part of the proceeds to construct a school in Bostwana. From this sale, he always repented.

To us of course we would like to have the opportunity to show it even if it was a few seconds and feel Hollywood stars. The actress was captivated by this precious stone before the auction, as the family that sold it had supported the Nazi movement during the war, then she as a Jew felt she had to be his to give a return to history. At first it was acquired as a ring, but Taylor finally had a diamond necklace made because his weight on his finger was too much, we think that this was a great decision, as it looks like a lot more.

Blue Hope Diamond

45.52 carat precious stone, deep navy blue and protagonist of a disturbing legend that attributes a curse to it.

It is said that this diamond adorned the third eye of a goddess in a time of India and that a priest stole it after suffering a terrible death. He bequeathed Europe in 1642 with a French merchant who sold it to King Louis XIV. The merchant, of course, was tragically killed. The diamond belonged to royalty until it was stolen in the French Revolution (1792); Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette, beheaded, are considered the most celebrated victims of the Hope diamond.

Later, the diamond was bought by Hope, an English banker, for which he received the name by which he is known today. The misfortunes continued to happen to the later owners. The stories surrounding this diamond concluded that this curse would end when a good heart of pure soul gave it away, which was done in 1958 by the jeweler Henry Winston donating it to the Smithsonian Institution. What do you think, will the curse be over?

Pink star

This  59.6 carat diamond is currently ranked as the most expensive sold at an auction. Sold for $ 71.2 million in Hong Kong on April 3, 2017. A conglomerate of companies in that city, Chow Tai Fook Enterprises was the buyer. Buyers are part of the hotel business, development property, casinos, transportation, telecommunications and of course, jewelery. It seems that they are not doing too bad! What will it be like to have so much money?

The Hindu Sha

This diamond of 88.7 carats is known for its curious shape, which some attribute, to a coffin. This diamond has three inscriptions, telling its story. It is novel as well as novelistic, which has led to the formation of numerous legends around it. One of its possessors, whose name appears carved, was the Sha of Persia. It was at the beginning of century XIX when it happened to belong to Tsar Nicolas of Russia.

Diamond Drop of the Sun

For its purity, color and size this precious stone is unique in the world. It is praised for its rare hue envied by many collectors. It was discovered at a South African mine in 2010.

This 110.3-carat diamond was sold at a 2011 Geneva auction for $ 12.4 million, the star of the event being organized by Sotheby’s.

The name is the perfect one for this specimen, which arrests anyone. Just by observing this photo we feel the warmth that it gives off.


This gem of 20 carats is now part of the collection of the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Diamond of Indian origin, was bought by King Louis XIV of France in the early 1700’s and since then has been part of the French Crown. Its name comes from Hortense de Beauharnais, queen of Holland and mother of Napoleón Bonaparte.

Beautiful diamonds with captivating stories right? We would not know to say which is our favorite. We have already mentioned before, if you are interested in the valuation of them and their measurement here we leave the guide of the diamond, so that you have a look. Do you know how the person who works the precious stones is known? We have been wondering at the beginning of the article, and the answer is lapidary or nailing. Gemology is a very interesting and little known science.

It seems only thing of kings, emperors and magnates hold in their hands these precious things. Even so, that does not mean that we can not look any more in line with our budget.

As we have been seeing, these precious stones have been used as adornments and complement of real objects and the most beloved jewels of famous and famous. Of course, if these were in our collection we would also be the happy sea!
Now that you have the mind captivated by these diamonds, you with which you stay?