The 5 Mistakes Of Male Style That You Should Avoid

It is true that women’s fashion is the most discussed and that girls since small we are looking for our style and shopping is therapy.

But that does not mean that men are at the opposite end of this spectrum, fashion for men can be just as fun, colorful and exciting than the women’s. However, we usually give many licenses to men in terms of their style and that is how we have big problems.

Today we will talk about five trends that have been going for too long. If they are guilty of any of these crimes remember to take it with humor (and follow the tips to not make it again, of course).

Sandals with SOCKS

Yes, so you look when you wear this, uhhh… “trend”. Without exception.

Is a fashion of Pope who does not favor anyone and should be removed immediately, what is the point? If you have cold feet uses closed-toe shoes, if you do heat used Sandals/espadrille without socks.

As I said above, there are different options very chic to wear during the summer that will keep you cool and trendy.

Shirts with “designs”

And no, I don’t mean if your shirt has Plaids or stripes, I mean when there are spirals, swirls, dragons, Tigers, etc.

These “groovy” designs not add personality to your outfit and make it seem that you never left adolescence back.

Better looking for more simple designs (as said before, pictures, stripes, etc), or if you want to really cause a print get layers with different colours and patterns.

Male jewelry

Not for being male means that you have to stay away from attachments, but you have to be careful, not you fill bracelets (and less if they are barbed or Metallica, bangles leaves those in your drawer of memories), rings and chains (and less with the shirt abiertota which mirrey). In the case of men less is more. You are looking for a good watch, a few classic sunglasses, colorful scarves that match your clothes.

Open or v-neck shirts

In general it can be agreed that the mirreyes of the worst things that have happened to the world, not only is his attitude, but his sense of style which is sad.

Shirts desabotonadas to the navel (and the aforementioned gold chain) or with a super deep V neck (so we can blame the hipsters) should not be used while you are on your private yacht, would agree, papawh?.

Instead choose a classic crewneck shirt. If it is a shirt of buttons, one of the best is go to the button under the neck (for a relaxed look and not as rigid as if you leave all buckled).

V necks must be discrete. Sweaters work but only if you use a shirt underneath.

The black suit

There are few things in this life that I enjoy so much as see a man dressed in a nice outfit, but I think that at this point we have saturated the black suit. In all presentations and events is the only thing I see, girls with dresses spanning all the colors of the Rainbow and black children. Feel like yawning.

Although it initially seems that there are no more options, that is a lie!, there are thousand and one ways to adapt an outfit to your personal style, from colors (Brown, dark blue and grey for the most conservative), footwear, prints, shirt and tie that merges, etc.

See those images, thirteen men using costumes and neither one is only equal to the next, each one reflects the personality of who leads it, stop hiding behind the black and explores your options.

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