The Adventure Go Camping

For 9 years, is there anything I need to do at least once a year. Either 3 days or a week always looking for a few days of my vacation and reserve them for escape to the mountain and go from campsite.

Why go camping?

For my go Camping is the best way of approaching the area where you are going to perform different activities, feel part of it, having your own home anywhere, relying only on your schedule and meet other people with the same desire for Adventure than you.

Would a camping site that does not offer me a Hotel offer me?

Freedom. I think that’s the word. When you go to a hotel the first thing the receptionist tells you are schedules for everything: food, dinner, breakfast, room cleaning… Camping only schedule will tell you is when you have to do the same output.

Many people believe that go camping is like going to live in the middle of the field with four things and is not something comfortable. Because I have to say, that depends on how they are those four things as you live even better than in your own home.

What should a campsite that makes it so attractive?

The Services available and its price. These are the features that classified category to the campsites. The more better appraised services it is, and the more approximates the average prices also.

First let’s talk about the price on a campsite. Camping payment per day, per person, per the type of accommodation that you are going to perform. In this post I will always speak from the point of view of a camp, i.e., I’ll sleep in my tent. Within a campsite can have other forms of stay: with your caravan or in bungalows.

The cost of staying in a camping often go up if you put the car inside, if you take a dog, if you mount several shops or want to deal with various plots and finally if you need electricity. That Yes, if you go several people give you account that the only cost that UPS is the person a day. So you leave the rest the more distributed more cheaply.

In reference to the services, a campsite may you surprise enough. The most common services that you’ll find you are the following:

Space for caravans and motorhomes

Free hot water

Snack bar




Take-away food



Children’s playground

Different soils of camping: grass, hard, sand

How to choose Camping I go?

As I have said before, for me, the best is to be closer to the activities I’m going to make and if at the same time it covers all needs that requires would be perfect.

Let us take the example that I go to the Sierra de Guara (Huesca) to make a couple of canyons during the weekend. Around both canyons look for campsites that are closer. Once you locate them, I inform you of the services offered. If there is one who gives me all the usual services and also has the option of renting material to make canyoning and puts me in touch with a guide that will be more appropriate for me camping.

Another example: I want to go a month to a campsite in the Valley of Benasque (Huesca) and I don’t want to move there. I will look for the campsites with the best services and ask for a fee flat month or week, if in the end I decide to change to another camp in the area. I also ask all the activities that I can do for the area and if from the pitch I can hire one.

Is it safe to go camping?

In the camping there is an environment that makes them special. Normally those who are going camping are going to the same: we stick all day outside with our activity and return to hit us on the shower, dinner, and let us remember what has been lived. Is that creates a good vibes among all the campers, because you hear your neighbor to tell what he has done, and is just what you’re going to make your the next day and ask if it’s OK, where you have to have caution, and vice versa.

We all know that a tent is not a bunker, so do not give poorly if they going to steal or not. It is very rare for this to happen. You always have the car if you want to save something in it. But you’ll see that almost all leave their belongings in the plot. And if happens something only you have to talk to your neighbor who he will have surely been who has caught you the ladle to serve the macaroni.

Something that should know about camping in a campground?

If they give you the opportunity to choose the plot recall mount store on the smoothest surface possible, and when it comes to putting us to sleep head never is below the feet.

Always keep the door closed to not sleep with a wide variety of bugs. And if dan rains remember to close windows, doors and vents.

You have well kept open food and not never acumuléis garbage in the store. Scrub the pots at the time cost well short.

Always inform someone of confidence of what you are going to do during the day.

Be respectful with the environment and with the rest of camped.

With everything that I have told, I hope that you at least stung you curious to try it at least. Remember that depends on how you ride it you go camping can be like going to one of the best hotels. To accomplish this you do not forget to take a look at the post I’m going camping what should I take? In Campingtopgear, you will find a list of necessary camping equipment.

Enjoy your adventure!