“The Animal Ball” Held in Lancaster House

Poppy and her sister face were “girls well” was something that we already knew. Why not we surprised all to see them having pipe in the “The Animal Ball” organized yesterday at Lancaster House, attended, as well as the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall – which exerted hosts – and a fantastic and then Jerry Hall, the actor Rupert Everett, the photographer Mario Testino, who surprised much to Camila Parker because his mask he added a Peruvian headdress with iridescent black feathers placed crosswise, from the center of the forehead to the nape of the neck.

All attendees attended the appointment with original masks, to encourage the rest of attending the dance to participate in an auction silent, thanks to which it was possible to raise three hundred thousand pounds sterling, between bid and donations, to contribute to a project pioneer who wants to join efforts to protect the endangered Asian elephants, still living in freedom and their habitat.

Face Delevigne, who last Monday, August 12 turned twenty-one years, joked with Prince Charles in relation with the tattoo with the head of a lion that has just been tattooing on the index finger, as a nod to their zodiac sign, which came that you neither painted bearing in mind the theme of the dance.

Face, which appeared at the party wearing a headdress that you could see a Green Frog, clearly changed after by another black with the same theme, but much more graphic and, to compensate for, he brandished a disturbing black whip during all the dance finished in a tail of hair do elephant?, and he spent the entire evening posing with gestures of Leone.

His sister Poppy, from whom did not separate during the entire evening, opted instead for one of the dresses to the Empress Theodora, Dolce & Gabbana, that reproduce the figure of a lion using mosaic tiles, and is adorned with decorated with precious gold feather mask.

Prince Charles and Camilla also wore a Venetian masks designed by Piers Atkinson. The Prince’s golden age and wore on the side the figure of a tiger, and Camila was silver, and was also on the side the figure of a small elephant. The Prince, taking advantage of its privilege as host, was going with a classic suit blue jacket, and Camila in a beautiful suit embroidered white pants of Indian inspiration, probably motivated by the subject matter of the Act.

All the guests at the event gathered around a magnificent sculpture of a life-size elephant created by Illustrator George Butler, What happened to a surprising collection consists of 19 life-size animal sculptures among which highlighted a rhinoceros and a couple of hippos created by the Chapman Brothers, which were auctioned before the start of the dance.

It is very interesting see the it-girls of the moment conversation with the royals, ¿verdad?