The Barbeque Season Has Opened

barbequeFriday rainy, Saturday cold. Sunday BBQ!

The Barbeque Season Has Opened

With one of the most beautiful things in summer is to grill! Every year we enjoy the many barbecue afternoons and evenings in a convivial round.
When the first sunrays come out, it draws us formally out. On Friday we bought a new grill and of course we could not wait to test it. Today the weather was not perfect, but the day was even more so.

Unfortunately, the setup proved to be somewhat more complicated than initially assumed. The men were thus busy for two hours. Whereby the little man was always distracted by his feet. alt=”🙂” draggable=false class=emoji v:shapes=”_x0000_i1025″>

To the start of the barbecue season we have tested a few new recipes today and I can recommend it all!

Strawberry Asparagus Salad With Pine Nuts And Parmesan!Recipe Here.

Alex could not get enough of it at all. To my brother was the salad by the strawberries and the sugar addition too sweet. So is not for everyone.

Vegetarian Grill Skewers

I was really surprised by the spears. After the first taste test of the marinade I was convinced that the vegetable would be too sour. But the grilled spits tasted not at all more sour and were delicious.

I used champions, courgettes, a red pepper and onions for my skewers.
About 4 hours before the barbecue I put the vegetables and the champions in a marinade. I just poured together a few things I’ve found in the kitchen. Sometimes I have success, sometimes not.

The marinade:
– Balsamico vinegar
– oil
– soy sauce
– garlic
– rosemary
– salt, pepper
– chili
– 8 herbs mixture

Apart from that there were still the tried and tested things, such as noodle salad, grilled cheese, grilled meat, grilled sausage, corn with herb butter, herb butter baguette, numerous barbecue sauces and small chocolates as a dessert.