The Best 90’s Toys

Many of the toys that were very successful in the 90’s are gaining a reprint for the current years. And the most interesting of this phenomenon is that many children and teenagers are starting to have fun with this type of toy.

Check out some of the coolest toys of the 90s and their return attempts to the younger crowd:


Nowadays it seems that the idea of ​​having a small virtual device with a tiny screen with only a few strokes and representing an animal that needs to be taken care of is not very attractive to children with powerful smartphones in their hands. But the fact is that the idea of ​​caring for virtual animals is still on, and several versions of this very successful toy of the 90s continue to emerge. The fever was so great that many schools had to forbid students to go to classes with their tamagochis.

Is coming

Another toy that was very successful in the 90’s and that encourages children to stay on the street playing with another friend, even in a time when video games were starting to appear in the market. In fact it was two strips, with a kind of American football, only plastic, in the middle and the purpose was to open these strips to throw the ball to the other person. Recently got new versions.


Most kids should not have any fun in Atari games these days, but it was a hit with the Brazilians of the ’90s who were already having access to other video games. Nowadays Ataris are objects of admiration of many collectors, but their games are available on the internet and many children still have fun, even with all the options available.


Another fever of the 90s that tried to return, but without much success. To play it was enough to fill it with water, and then press the buttons so that the blown air could make a ball arrive in the basket, make a goal, etc. The toy was launched by Estrela here in Brazil and won several versions during the 90’s.