The Best Android Apps I’ve Accumulated in Over 1 Year!

Mobile phones with Android have several advantages compared to competitors with other operating systems, but without a doubt what makes Android more attractive is the huge amount of applications available, most free!

The Best Android Apps I’ve Accumulated in Over 1 Year!

With over 1 year using an Android mobile phone and testing new apps pretty much every day, I’ve accumulated a good list of apps that will accompany me while I’m an Android user. I have not changed phones yet and I am with the Motorola Milestone, which already shows signs of tiredness. Some apps are too heavy to run on, even using the version of Android 2.3 that I recently installed.

I have prepared a list of apps that I consider indispensable for my user profile. I am what is called “Power User”, because I use the features of the device in the limit, I test several apps and I am always trying to improve and performance of the device. As the Motorola Milestone is no longer there as fast compared to other handsets on the market, there are apps that may be interesting but have tested less on a Motorola Defy. I do not speak much of the applications listed, just the point I find most important in each of them.

Best app for Android

  • GMail: indispensable and already comes pre-installed on almost all Android. Latest versions are even faster and easier to use
  • Google Maps: allows offline voice browsing , no internet and for free, but you need to pre-load the route first.
  • Google Reader: Light and simple feed reader, synchronized with the feeds of your Google Reader account. Great to have what you read on your phone at any time.
  • StopWatch: Stopwatch for Android and regressive timer.
  • Google Calendar: synchronizes events with Google calendar, facilitates direct link access for navigating events with address. Indispensable for increased productivity.
  • MyTracks or (My Tracks): translation of the name was not good … but it is an excellent app for recording paths and viewing real-time statistics of any route.
  • WhatsApp: Sends direct messages to other devices with the application. Contact is identified by the number … logo is like a free SMS system over the internet.
  • Sports Tracker: one of the best sports apps I’ve ever used since I had a Nokia.
  • TripAdvisor: indispensable for having references of places and establishments in trips. I have already stopped going to restaurants because of the criticism I saw in this app and went in others well recommended.
  • Latitude: share your location and know where your friends and family are.
  • Foursquare: find people you know who are in the same place as you (malls, cinemas … etc) and see references and recommendations of places.
  • Youtube: watch any YouTube video more agile than the page.
  • TuneIn Radio: Radios around the world by cell phone , including the local radios of your city.
  • Rockplayer: The best RMVB player I’ve ever used on Android.
  • BeyondPodcast: Adds and makes it easier to search for podcasts, as well as make downloads for you to listen to podcasts on Android even offline.
  • AppBrain: Make it easy to share your apps with your friends with the app, and quickly update them all. The Android Market has evolved, ma still pays to have AppBrain installed.
  • MortPlayer: the best audiobook player for Android. Easy to use, fast, complete and free.
  • File Expert: the best file manager for Android and does much more than that. You can even access files shared by the Windows and Linux network via samba!
  • App 2 SD: indispensable to warn you of all apps that can stay in SD and not fill up the internet memory of the device.
  • Dropbox: mobile version of the Dropbox online backup tool, where you keep your files stored and accessible from anywhere.The list could be quite extensive, but I think it’s better for here because there are very specific applications that I use in network administration tasks, connectivity, signal quality measurements, among others.