The Best in Decoration of Nails

Our nails are a fundamental part of our look, should always be impeccable and with the best designs. Therefore, on this occasion would like to introduce you the best nail decoration, finds a style that best suits you, read on to get to know them.

10. Animal Print

Animal print is everywhere; whether in shoes, bags, clothing and not could miss the nail decoration. Whether you have this type of decoration on all nails or only a part, definitely it will look very well. As well as being eye-catching, they are a very original style.

  1. Half moon

To make this type of nail decoration, only you need to put a strap on the bottom and you can play with colors, make a very serious style half moon nails or opt for a very youthful style.

  1. Gradient

The first thing that may come to mind when listening to “gradient” is related to art in pictures. However, this technique, according to, moves to nail decoration and has taken great force, that give it a very original style to the nails.

  1. Colors

If you have an event or don’t have time to make a great decoration for nails, do not worry. Nail decoration implies also to choose the right color. Trends are blue, purple, coffee and in general the colors eye-catching.

  1. French inverted

Could seem at first glance that this type of nail decoration looks like the French, but the interesting which is painted the “luna” by our fingernails of a color and the rest can be natural or try a color that contrast. Among serious but casual, don’t you think?

  1. Figures and textures

Although it is a small space does not prevent that we play with shapes and textures. We can make a great nail decoration even by more simple as it seems, as you can see is something very easy to do and very nice.

  1. Combines

What you think about this other nail decoration, simple but attractive. Again lends itself to play with colors and even combine them with what you put. You can you have fun and combine the points in the way that you like.

  1. Garigoleados

Perhaps not seek to paint your nails at 100%, but if you are looking for give a touch of spicel so that they are not without wit and above all, appear to be neglected. Do you think this other option of nail decoration? Very beautiful.

  1. Extravagant

Don’t limit yourself when it is nail decoration. You can try these options we present and make unusual designs like these. Even to take nail your favorite cartoon character, to your favorite animal or draw a great landscape.

  1. Applications

Nail decoration now involves more than color. The advantage is that we can find many applications in different sizes and models and choose which best fits our style.

These are some creative nail designs, no doubt many options for all styles, you can choose the one you like or dare to try something different, you won’t regret it.