The Best of Haute Couture Spring/Summer Paris

Jean Paul Gaultier

The week of Haute Couture in Paris last week came to an end in which it continues to pursue maximum of “ if it works, don’t touch it “ that already spoke last year my colleague Di by Dior. Lights and shadows, anticipation to disappointment. In one way or another, the best looks of each fashion show they always appear, either by merit or by specific details in a basic medium.

Alexandre Vauthier

Classical school for Alexandre Vauthier in a collection that I do not I was awakened interest more dresses that would forget against who they would choose. Good taste by man and a sensuality with Golden Yes let exceptions.

Alexis Mabille

Alexis Mabille It is synonymous with eye-catching dresses with few exceptions for a short length, even less for costumes. Excessive taste for the satin and excessive colors. Flower-shaped headdresses were his nexus.

Bouchra Jarrar

More appropriate to a ready-to-wear collection that a gateway of high seam, Bouchra Jarrar He avoided the big dresses and when it opted for them nor sinned too much.


It is curious that in a time in which all the trends are worth and fashion has so many fronts like a gruyere cheese holes, Chanel continues to palos de ciego. Disappointment for being the biggest and most popular in dresses with the wants and I can not.

Christian Dior

Broken John Galliano continued debate is eclipsing any attempt at Christian Dior by turn the page. The review is maintained in the troubled times and the New Look as the column to which to cling. Nevertheless: the French firm still paying excessive sticks that other houses don’t get to worst collections.

Christophe Josse

20 years effective and dresses that not excited but cover the record. Christophe Josse, best in short dresses to the knee than in the long.

Elie Saab

Romanticism is good, gives a view of women that I like facing so much modern confusion of genders, with Elie Saab just take it all in small amounts and with calm. ES the Paulo Coelho of Haute Couture For me.

Giambattista Valli

New and that I most transmit. Perhaps because of that freshness and novelty. One way or another of Giambattista Valli is the perfect example that a collection can be extensive (theirs is one which had more outputs), feminine and without being excessive. Taste for the black in its various versions and with the icing in the most colorful dresses.

Giorgio Armani Privé

Modernism and Futurism is a time base of reptiles and neon colors for Giorgio Armani Prive. By coincidence I am contrary to both trends, so this latest collection of Italians was not my favorite (have had them better) and despite all I’m left with some of the more elaborate designs with the perfect symmetry of animal prints and elaborate designs on one piece dresses.


What’s more Haute Couture than a gym of the former USSR? The answer gives it Givenchy and Riccardo Tisci. I am sure that if I were to imagine a sexy heroine would be something like this. Stella Tennant including.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Despite being against the divinization of Amy Winehouse myth of style, I liked to see how Jean Paul Gaultier was surprised with a tribute to the latest young star fall in combat by her bad life. A vision consistent with the French Creator who even came onto stage in a baseball jacket. Like other “ divas ” fashion go to these parades in jeans here appears sport. Complaints from the family of the deceased? A garden that is not mine.

Maison Martin Margiela Artisanal

Despite the fact that I repeat more than garlic, all the week of Haute Couture in Paris if I had to just stay with a name you would by Maison Martin Margiela Artisanal. A vision apart from pompous red carpets, commercial attempting to more basic or files revisited until exhaustion. Only by this shelter that could well give life to a box of Klimt already makes it my favorite.


A sweet vision, inspired by the romanticism of the eighteenth century and the continuation of the latest proposals of Valentino. The princesses will have your dream look.