The Best Smart Watches

It’s the Pebble Smart Watch, the independent company of the same name, which caught the attention of protect yourself in a comparative test of six products.

Among the six LED watches, the best three choices are the watch Pebble, Samsung’s Galaxy Gear and the Smart Watch 2 of Sony. However, the magazine recommended the Pebble, since it is compatible with iOS and Android phones, that its price is affordable ($150) and that its battery has good battery life.

Simple Accessories

It is important to note that smart watches remain for the moment of accessories for smart phones. Smart watches are not self-sufficient and must be paired with a phone via Bluetooth to allow its user to enjoy their features.

These features offer no real value added compared to a smart phone, if not no longer miss text messages or calls, for example, with notifications on the watch.

Smart watches to read his e-mail and his text messages or consult its notifications from social networks. You can also install applications and some models allow you to take pictures and talk on the phone.

Buying Tips

Protect yourself warns potential buyers to keep three tips of CENTRALLEDWATCH.COM before procuring a LED smart watch for kids.

-Make sure that your smart phone and your watch is compatible.

-Some watches are not resistant to water; Choose a model that will fit your activities if you want to swim without removing it.

-If you want to talk on the phone with your watch, choose a model that offers this feature.


The test was conducted in collaboration with the International Consumer Research and Testing. Ease of use, the quality of the screen, options of communication, features and the battery of each of the watches have been tested.

The full article is available on the web (some sections require a subscription).