The Biggest Mistake Time to Apply Makeup Shade!

Did you ever stop to think that you might be making the biggest makeup mistake in time to apply shadow? Especially if you follow several tutorials to the letter, is inspired by the make of celebrities and make yourself come out all wrong.These days I was just in one of those cases-some days we wake up “beasts” in makeup and others until base is difficult. Behold, I realized that the way we passed the shadow interferes very concave and scoring in the final result of the makeup. Believe it or not, but the best way to do a make two-color base-with a lighter shadow on the eyelid and mark the concave is apply the shadow with your eyes open. Yes, with your eyes open!

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The first step is to apply a primer with eyes closed, only on mobile eyelid, and expect to get almost dry to apply clear shadow–can be gold, champagne, nude, pink or any other tone of your Shadow duo-do it with your eyes half open to know exactly where your mobile eyelid ends. Once this is done, the second step is to apply the dark shadow-Brown, black or colored sparkling–also without finishing with your eyes open. The idea is to put the brush between the end of your eyelid and the bone above the eyes-this is exactly what your cavity concave. Just make that move to the brush that your shadow is going to be perfect, without invading the clear part and without reaching almost in the eyebrow.

Is a lot easier to figure out the shape of his eyes like that and doesn’t happen you apply the shadows with eyes closed and when open find out that’s all wrong! That way you get a super natural look and professional makeup, the trick is silly but I know a lot of people still have difficulty in passing the right way.

Discovered if that’s your makeup mistake?

Photos: Fashion Frisson

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