The Bra Turns 100 Years Old… And I Use It Less Every Day

Yesterday the bra turned 100 years old. At least the one who invented Mary Phelps Jacob tired of the uncomfortable corsets of the time made a bra with two handkerchiefs and ribbon of pink silk and on November 3, 1914 he patented it as invention, something he did not think to do in 1907 To Pierre Poiret.

Since then the bra has been present in the life of women to, of course, hold, embellish, embellish, imprison, shape or even claim their disuse in the revolution of the 60s.

I remember when I was 12 years old and I was dying to release one, for me it was as a symbol of femininity and above all to become greater, so I started to use it at an age when I really did not need it but in the That acceptance of the environment is vital.

Eventually the illusion was diluted and every time I was more uncomfortable. Maybe because the models are more and more daunting, or maybe because I’ve always been really lazy to really put into practice all the guidelines to find a suitable bra and I’ve just settled for the pretty, practical and reasonably priced first choice Which I have had more at hand.

My Particular Release

The fact is that about six years ago one day I stopped putting on the bra and from then until now my chest not only has not fallen (perfectly passes the test of the pencil) but I have strengthened the muscles of the pectorals with exercise and almost I would say that it is better than ever (obviously, no better than 16, but not bad for 38 years and use 95).

There are studies, such as the one carried out for 15 years by Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon of the University of Besançon who assert that the breasts do not receive any benefit from the use of bra, rather on the contrary, since they become dependent of A support of lingerie.

According to these investigations in which the anatomy of various women has been studied, when they stop using the support muscles of the chest, giving this responsibility to the bra, they degrade more quickly.

My experience confirms this, apart from that I have gained a lot in comfort and why not take it into account? I also save a little money by not having to use it for the purchase of fasteners.

I only need it when I play sports or when some piece of clothing is transparent or thin enough to attract attention without pretending it.

Of course this is a very personal choice in which tastes, breast size and genetics also influence, but I wanted to take advantage of the anniversary of this “indispensable” piece to claim precisely the opposite, which may not be so much.

What do you think? Are inseparable bra companions or are you also unfaithful?