The “Capsule Collection” of Brooks Brothers

A collection that plunges us into the fabulous world of the Great Gatsby, designed by the firm of Brooks Brothers, which has been inspired by the new movie directed by Baz Luhrmann and starring Leonardo Di Caprio, which will soon debut in cinema.

The collection has been able capture the mood of the jazz atmosphere where were lavish and sparkling celebrations such as those organized by Jay Gatsby – millionaire whose role plays Di Caprio, and the narrator of the story Tobey Maguire in the role of Nick Carraway.

Among the different items that constitute this fantastic collection of retro-style highlights a jacket in green bottle with vivid red and white, very similar to Carraway which luce. Brooks Brothers, inspired by the famous millionaire in love, man wears jacket striped in bright colors, and accessories such as bow ties or a cane. Among the cult pieces of capsule it collection are the famous canotiers of straw that we cannot, and we must forget mentioning.

All garments that make up this collection are one tag where you can read “The Great Gatsby”, beside the logo of Brooks Brothers, which, interestingly, also dating from the 1920s – period in which the film is set.

The collection will be available in all the boutiques of the brand, while at its New York flagship will be showcased costumes that we see in the film, so that we can relive the magic of the film closely. Prada do the same thing with the dresses of the women? At the moment, the jewels of the film can already be seen in the shop windows of Tiffany jewelry.