The CMT Is Punishable by Up to Two Million Euros to Vodafone to Implement by Default a Bonus for European Roaming

Bad news for Vodafone, which a few months ago shared a fine of 120 million euros with Movistar and Orange for abusing the prices of short messages for years and which is now exposed to another fine by European roaming.

And it is that the CMT has initiated against the Red operator a disciplinary record to apply by default to customers with Base and network rates their rate talk and surf in Europe when default rates for European roaming agreed by the European Union should be applied.

Rate applied by default offers 20-minute calls, 20 SMS and 20 MB for four euros per day, an advantageous rate for any traveler without also requiring much use the phone but the problem comes by its application to all clients by default.

The WCL States that operators they have to apply the Eurotariff by default, that establishes calls on European roaming at 29 cents per minute, SMS by eight cents and 70 cents for each mega consumed, and that then the user may choose to different rates or modules of saving that offers operator.

Now Vodafone is exposed to a large fine, which according to the regulation of the CMT to be a very serious offense will be five times the profit gained by the company by applying the savings module by default instead of the Eurotariff and that calculation in case of not being able to the fine could be up to two million euros.