The “Couture Made in Spain” Nihil Obstat

Trained in the workshop of the sisters Carriches, the “costureras-hadas” of Cristóbal Balenciaga, Javier Martin and Armiche Rodríguez, designers and co-founders of the Nihil Obstat firm have their headquarters in the calle Serrano Anguita.

A place where one fancy go, to chat and to attend as witnesses of exception to how it unfolds that art that is not improvised, and that only learn when had the privilege and honor of having worked with the biggest.

The Nihil Obstat (Latin aphorism meaning “Nothing prevents”) have proven to be students outnumbered in terms of Couture (those that know, they tend to remove the “Haute” from the beginning) to understand how important that was absorb everything what conveyed them so you do not lose, they have known then reproduce it wonderfully well in practice, proved worthy succesores of their teachers.

Since 2006, in addition to its permanent creation of wedding dresses and make sur mesure to its distinguished clientele, designed new proposals coincide with the different seasons. His autumn/winter 2013-2014 selection has its eighth collection together.

From his birth, Nihil Obstat has dressed numerous celebs and public figures, such as Julianne Moore in the film “Savage Grace”, and has collaborated in several productions of opera, theatre and cinema.

Logical if you consider that their coats, made with wonderful mohair wool, fall backwards while wrapping; that their jackets of silk thick (which are due to the Court) they are as well mounted that they know how to hide those defectillos who both upset us. Its collections also can see most skirts in pleated by hand, and as the old lace that only they know where order.

When you have the chance to see closely all these small works of art feels a bit overwhelmed. Apparently, almost all of the clothes seem very simple. Then, why they fall and feel so well? Well, this is precisely the crux of his secret: thinking about how to do things in shape always, but do them well. Probably the most complicated parts of the creation process, but that they dominate the perfection.

In the words of Ana Itbe, fashion expert and specialist in Balenciaga:

“Couture is a work slow, applied, and subject to the reality of a human, but highly gratifying body and that we should not forget, as you drag one cultural burden of singular importance.”

From Embelezzia we are pleased in to speak of artists of the stature of the Nihil Obstat, authentic craftsmen of the thimble and needle. Fashion culture not suitable for disposable ! A must for the “Couture Made in Spain”. Bravo!