The Distribution of The OnePlus One Revealed in Detail

OnePlus One is one of the phones of the year is no secret, and is that young Chinese manufacturer has won less recognition get a terminal of the highest range to lower its price half with respect to its most direct competition.

However, and after the brief discussion of the ownership of the company, we already feared that you one of the most important challenges that would confront OnePlus was the of its production capacity and distribution, limited to a production of 30,000 units per day of One and dependent entirely on the ability of Oppo.

Thus, and seeing the sale under invitation has been designed OnePlus initially, the actual availability of the device was one of the biggest unknowns, thing that the Chinese manufacturer wanted to clarify in detail.

If we look at the roadmap revealed OnePlus on its first terminal distribution, we can confirm that the arrival on the market of this will take place throughout the month of June, When production is stable and the invitations will facilitate your purchase:

  • OnePlus has already ready the 100 One that “give away” for a dollar in the absurd campaign Smash the Past.
  • In mid-May will arrive first remittances from the 16 GB model in white, who will receive the first buyers who have obtained an invitation in the mentioned campaign or through OnePlus website.
  • From the first days of the month of June will 64 GB model in black, and the availability of both versions will increase to facilitate the availability of invitations.

In addition, OnePlus has confirmed that you have both versions in production, Although most requested model is logically the 64 GB, because the memory is not expandable and the price difference between the two is minimal.

Next week the winners of an invitation will know is to receive one of the first available OnePlus One, because OnePlus has received more than 100,000 requests that can not meet initially.

With this, We already know the OnePlus One details and arrival, so it’s time to ask you. You compraríais you a One? You arrive on time if we attend their availability for the month of June?