The Floor Of The Mil And A Hanging Light Bulbs

Hanging Lights In Sight

Some more and others less us liked the idea of leaving views bulbs in some other place in our House…

It is a ground-breaking, modern idea and attracts above all that us industry in decoration like the style , but there appears to be some idea who love so much that they do not leave corner without bulb hanging.

This is the case of the Russian Denis Krasíkov architect who has designed an incredible apartmenteclectic in gray tones that I’ve already lost count of pendant lights.

Industrial-Style? No, It Only Seems It…

At first glance may seem like it, but if you look carefully and look at the details, which by the way are many, you will notice that mixing furniture and objects that belong to different styles and eras, creating an eclectic décor.

The kitchen is clearly industrial but the rest…



“Eclecticism was born in Greece in the 2nd century BC as philosophical school which is characterized by reconciling those doctrines which considers the best in different systems” according to Will they mix it seems!

This definition is applied in decoration as one that mixes different styles both in design and in time to create the eclectic style in the that we can see as materials, furniture and objects coexist in the same space in full harmony for some, or chaos for others.

As always all depends on the perception of each one.

To My Love!

Yes, I love, I have expressed it on other occasions and I will continue keeping it. As a interior designer I enjoy with any decorative style, is very rewarding to create home ideal for each client to use the style with which they feel identified, but my style eclectic helps me to not give up everything what I like to belong to the style that belong. You can see it in My living room