The Front-Row of Chanel in Paris

The parade of Chanel came to the Paris fashion week and with him the famous major were at Ringside to be seen in one of the events of the year in the fashion world. Among them, he noted Keira Knightley new face of the French firm.

Keira Knightley premiered at the same time haircut with which bob fashion may be back if many point to this trend that feel to the British actress as well.

In terms of the look itself also left us one of the best of the day. With minimal floral print short dress and a blazer game with sandals in black, bag included.

Rachel Bilson could not miss this event having seen in the previous Paris. For what she might have dressed better for the occasion. Too much rocker with that leather jacket and sandals game.

Lily Allen was presented with the ladylike style the past few days, reported by PARADISDACHAT. Restrained, black and gray.

But for a style original ladylike of Vanessa Paradis.

While Claudia Schiffer showed once more that who had retained betting on mark line thank you some jeggings, musketeer boots and a sweater fine stripes. That’s great.

We saw Alexa Chung with the dress that Lucio Blake Lively in his day. The differences do not favor this time to the British.