The Front-Row of the Paris Fashion Week

We have already seen some famous and models, as well as the stylish women who always dazzle in this type of fashion week: Anna dello Russo or Giovanna Battaglia. But we have also had other celebrities making mischief, well actually looking at what may be in the next seasons come directly from Paris. Because they want it or not, this city is still the highest benchmark in fashion.

Kylie Minogue attended the parade of Yves Saint Laurent. The small Australian singer looked very pretty with a blouse Turtleneck color camel, tobacco-coloured skirt and a mottled wool jacket. She looked very happy and smiling and his attire was formal for Paris, but very stylish as it normally carries the Minogue.

Also, we had a fantastic Catherine Deneuve, that like other contemporary, Sofia Loren, they know very well to age. The friend of the missing person Yves Saint Laurent He did the honours to the catwalk with a white fur coat. This lady is in every sense of the word.

Brooke Shields, who turns out to be descendant of Lucrecia Borgia as I read a fashion magazine in a couple of days, attended the parade of Giambattista Valli. Top actress, who as a result of Lipstick Jungle has much style, or at least I see it from homosociety, she chose a dress designer with many pleats dusty color and a black coat without flap. Their mary-janes was what not loved at all.

Leigh Lezark for its part, also went to see the Valli collection with a unique dress beige color with a huge orange detail very Scribbler. The girl who before only wore black, seems to have found the taste by the striking of the colors, but her thick stockings and their “health” shoes are still a part of his style.

Definitely, I prefer his style in the front-row of Kenzo, in that keeping her thick stockings, it gave them an air more Baroque and relaxed at a time through a shirt embroidered in gold thread and beaded, very elaborate and boyfriend jeans day on bass. Look like me also lencero below by a shirt with lace edge as detail. But what I don’t understand is because I would be so shocked looking chest of Lindsay Lohan.