The Good Old Email Remains Unbeatable

My first column in TB, many bytes ago, it was about the end of the email. Excuses were not lacking for radicals who decided to abolish the e-mail of their lives: too much spam, people who do not know how to use, packed inbox, chains, kittens PPTs etc. Recently, Facebook has come to public announce a “revolutionary” tool – the inbox social – and email end of supporters made ​​to make noise.

At first it seems to be an interesting idea: imagine a single place where you can centralize all their communication services (email, social networks, instant messengers, SMS In addition to an aggregator to see everything that involves their contact with the rest. the world, he would do different protocols relate. for example, would respond to a message from Facebook or a tweet via an SMS.

It seems practical, but in my view, this system is doomed to failure. Since each protocol is designed to work in a way, force them to work the same way does not work. People also use them in different ways.

You send an SMS to someone when you need to send a short and important message to someone, you know, can not be connected at the time. Or do you think it can be busy and a call would be inappropriate.

Already an important working document, you send attached by the company e-mail, which is more secure because it uses own servers. The email is also the most formal way to talk to your boss.

Social networks – Facebook, Orkut, LinkedIn etc. – Are used for personal purposes, tending to the recreational and informative. News exchange, invitations to events, multimedia sharing, chat with friends.

And the messenger is the best way to quickly solve simple issues because it is faster than email and works as a conversation. It requires that both sides are connected.

Grandpa email

It is natural that a dynamic ecosystem as the web arise daily new ways to communicate. Still, the old war and email remain unbeatable for the following reasons:

  1. It’s simple. No need to explain to anyone what it is for and how it works.
  2. It is universal. What makes a person when he enters the internet for the first time in my life? Create a profile on Orkut? No, no, because even this requires an email account.
  3. It is safe, private and manageable. If you want, instead of a free webmail, you can choose to have an account with your own domain, hosted on your own server.And no snooping robots content to send advertising. If you want, you can also have a secure mobile email on a BlackBerry, avoiding prying eyes of flesh and blood.
  4. It is eternal. You can keep all your emails in one place while the server. Or download them on your machine and back up an external device offline.
  5. It is mobile. No more computer. From inside your pocket, you do everything you would do at home or at work.
  6. It has legal protection. They can be digitally signed, eliminating the signature in his own hand. They help to escape the bureaucracy.

Of course, the email is not perfect, but I still do not know better communication tool since no electronic times. And you?