The Gorditas Do Not Wear Skirts? 

With a few general recommendations, we can wear straight skirts, or stamped as we like, girls with sizes also like to be feminine, and what is more feminine than a well worn skirt.

Skirts is one of the favorite pieces in every woman’s closet. It does not matter if you are a young woman or older if you have many hips, few hips, short stature and so on. You have to know that there is the perfect skirt for each of us according to PLUS-SIZE-TIPS.COM.

  1. The length of the skirt ideal for all women is up to the knee. Just take into account that if you are short or petite, you can use one or two inches above (this will help you look more stylized).
  2. When wearing skirts, the most recommended for you is that you wear shoes with a little heel, this will help you gain a little height, in step, stylize your image.

Lastly note that the skirt material does not adhere to your hips and thighs. Avoid at all costs the fabrics too tight and elastic. Remember that the skirt can not create horizontal lines in your body. And if it happens this is because the material is of poor quality or because you wear a small size.