The Ideal Gift: 5 Reasons to Invest in Custom Jewelry

The jewels last forever. More than a gift, become the family heirloom and heritage more cherished, as tell the story of who won, bringing with him more than the brightness of a precious metal. Its meaning is just that: a long-term commitment, characterized by uniqueness. They may also represent the time in a couple’s relationship becomes something more durable, or else a gift between parents and children, or the conclusion of a personal conquest.

There’s always a meaning in a piece of jewelry. Because, before you even get into the hands of customers, the jewel passes through a long process that extends from your conception to the final product. She ceases to be just a piece of precious metal and becomes a true work of art! After this information you will know now some reasons to invest in a custom piece of jewelry. Check out!

The jewelry show personality who uses

Every jewel needs to reflect the style and personality of who uses them. More serious women tend to like more classical pieces. The most modern or deprived love something more daring. Extravagant or discrete. Classic or modern. Bold or simple. No matter your style, a custom jewel will say, in silence, who you are. The format of the stoning of stone, the color or the carat transmit much of the personality of who uses. Customizing the piece, you will be able to meet exactly the style of the person you want to gift giving.

Exclusivity goes

You can have a cosmopolitan profile. Rotate the world and have access to more brands known and still have a piece that no one has or will have the same. The concept of exclusivity makes the jewel more valuable by linking it to your lady and her personality. Anyone can shed the image of the violet eyes of Elizabeth Taylor of his powerful diamonds? A current example is the Kate Middleton engagement ring, which belonged to the mother of your husband, Lady Di. Unique and exclusive!

Added value to the piece

The work of a designer considerably increases the value of a piece if it is unique. That’s because he’s going to make a difference to the product and your work will add an identity that will be passed to the user. In addition, a single job is often even more valuable leading to signature of the designer added to the final result.

Sentimental value

Out all market values or any other predicate that custom may have a jewel, something that transcends all this: the sentimental value. The jewelry become real treasures for those who have. Know that the part that you use is customized and reveals a story, definitely, is priceless!

More than fashion, a concept

As I told Coco Chanel, “fashion passes, but style remains.” One of the advantages of a custom jewel is that it does not lose your market value. In other words, it’s still a jewel for investment and for being only increases your value to a possible sale. If you decide to sell any jewelry custom (though it’s hard to find anyone who has the guts to get rid of them!), she can still render good money in my pocket.

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These are just a few reasons to invest in a custom jewel, if you already have some, surely you must know this feeling, isn’t it? Share the story of your jewelry with us!