The Jumpsuit Is Back

And who said that an overall is not glamorous?

This season returned to the 90’s, and do so with a very popular in those years garment such as the overalls, simply fashion is unpredictable, it will give much to talk about for the following seasons, there will be many who do not feel attracted by the return of this piece of denim, but others like it again to relive those times.

Data originated from the year 1792, which became known as jeans big and wide, intended for has used over trousers to protect them, this garment favorite of mechanics turned in the United States, while in the factories of England women used it during the first world war. For the Decade of the 30’s, the jumpsuits were already used as a comfortable clothes for children, and is more than one remind us of our childhood with this piece, and in the Decade of the 90´s were very used by young women as a comfortable garment and let be a piece of work to become a trend for many.

There are several types of jumpsuits:

* Short

* Dress

* Full body

Thinking of the summer may be to apply the first 2 can be found in classic denim or prints of different colors and shapes. The advantage is that they are super comfortable, you can use them with tennis, high heels, sandals, espadrilles. The idea is to make you feel super comfortable and fresh.

Here I propose options to an outfit very father with the overalls:

The jumpsuit can acquire a casual look, if you use it

with basic items like a sleeve shirt long heels.

Because if you prefer to go to more relaxed a short overalls, tennis or sandals,

t-shirt is the solution for a weekend, without losing the style.

Do with which of these looks you do more?

Remember that it is good to complement your outfit with accessories such as: necklaces bags, statement clutch to give you greater style.

If still not convinced you this garment, it is likely that for winter is still using but obviously with different accessories and garments with the opinion of as coats, hats, boots)

I am sure that you will find attractive, and chic that the overall gives us thanks to its versatility and creativity that each who want to give you.

Follow trends but impose your own style.