The Leggings! A Garment That Combines With All Kinds Of Clothes

As We Like The Leggings!

We are many, each more and more, women who use the LEGGINGS, and why?
Why are comfortable, practical and adapted very well to our body; We can use it with many accessories and combinations.

They are almost indispensable for many of us, for me are indispensable in my locker.
It is the perfect year-round, since we can use it at different times, but clear, accompanied by different garments and accessories. We can also use them on different occasions, both on a daily basis, to work, to make sport, as to go out at night; different between them, accompanied by different outfits, but without ever losing the essence of leggin.

The leggings came to the 1950s and have been adapted to fashions, although we can say that we now are living one of its moments of splendour.
Here are a few tips for the best choice:

TISSUE: strong, thick, because we do not want is clear we do not? We must not forget non-medium, for skirts and dresses, we must use these not the leggins.
And adjusted, since we want to mark that silhouette we have without no wrinkles; they are going to Stylize and visually lengthen a little legs.
Colors: Black is the most stylized, the most elegant, but there are many colors to choose from; Although most light colors are not allied to cellulite, they add volume to your legs, and can be transparent;Although the worst is skin color, since it can seem to fences, naked.
Combine? : The underwear would go to play with the legging so not it was, except for the black leggings that hardly reveal the color of your underwear. Part must be suitable for your body, since you can easily see if you don’t have your size.
We should not wear underwear that mark, because that is not exactly very nice. We can use thongs, panties effect thong or laser cut.
Size: is a good measure for our leggings ankle, because we can use it both with sandals, boots, boots… otherwise will make your legs look more chubby.

Oh and don’t miss the effects that will always make us look a little more:

Push-upeffect: enhances bottom and gives a touch more upturned; It helps to be visually on your website.

Flat stomacheffect: with extra reinforcement in the area of the abdomen it flattens tummy and us reduced to a size. It is an instant effect that helps us to slightly conceal that tummy.

In our shop at you can find different models of legging, from one simple, up to push up, with flat belly, or thermal reducer: