The Lipstick You’ll Want to Wear This Winter

Three colors, multiple ways to use. We give the path of the rocks at the mouth of the 2016 winter trendy and front: it’s chic to say enough!

Lipsticks in colors bold: to use or not use? Hit the hammer: it took! Besides the Red-diva, the 2016 winter calls for investment in purple and wine tones. To our joy, the matte finish is still the favorite for the season. The makeup artist Vicente Lujan, Avon makeup Award winner in the category editorial, said the accurate formula to balance the strong tones: go illuminated skin or Tan (Yes, in winter the bronze is also welcome, as we already told you) and mascara. Noted? We deliver the tips and the looks to copy.

Color: Red 2016

This season, the red lipstick back more “adult” in shades closed and sober. If the chowder is the focus, in the case of perfect: apply the brush or lance which hand of a contour of the lips (the same color as the lipstick, please) to hit exactly the corners. And as the Red of the station is closed-almost-earthy, combine with light skin (mainly in area C) with Goldie and a light shade nude. Go to opaque or with cintilância temperate.

Color: Marsala-Trend

The marsala (for those who still do not know the color of 2016, according to Pantone) dominated the macaws and the backstage of the shows out there and here. The best way to translate the tone of wine in the beauty you already know: powerful lipstick (and chameleonic) from the fair to the ball without losing chicness. Day or night? Choice:

AM: apply the lipstick with the fingers and if you want to finish with a gloss or mix with a moisturizer to lips to give that brilliance of natural mouth.

PM: fixed skin, the marsala WINS ares rock ‘n’ roll if applied with more intensity and with well-defined outline for the jump in the mouth make (Hello, Hello, Kylie Jenner). If it’s matte, don’t forget to do a light exfoliation and moisturizing with a lip balm 15 minutes before applying the color.

Color: Powerful Purple

The purple lipstick gave the air of grace in countless tags and there’s no denying that a certain perfume vampire came for the winter. But unafraid to use. Just don’t combine with shadows too strong not to weigh the look. Both matte or shiny, more balance the intense tone with a well lit (again!) and naked me eye if you want to bet a colorless gloss on the eyelid, we appreciate the chutzpah!