The Malware HummingBad Has Become and Sneaks into More Than 45 Google Apps Play

If anything, within the bad, which never goes out of fashion, is the malware, those elements created to annoy good users stealing data or making applications that give money to the attacker to discharge him. Already during the 2016 we have witnessed the arrival of several, with what Google was forced to release monthly security patches.

Some manufacturers decided to adopt this good habit so that users remain somewhat calmer, but always appears a new malware, or one old redesigned. This is the case which concerns us, a malware that is an old acquaintance, HummingBad, has returned, and this time He managed to sneak into Google Play.

HummingBad before

Signing in February 2016 Check Point He discovered for the first time to this malware, called HummingBad, which was quite sophisticated. Its operation was simple, used to download various applications without the user’s consent, among which was one for root, and they managed to take control of the attacked device.

Then the malware was downloaded applications from third-party stores (apkmirror and others), reaching affect around ten million people and generating a whopping of $300,000 monthly. Only during the first half of last year it was in fourth place among the most prevalent malware in the world.

In July 2016, the signature, Check Point, managed to unravel the entire infrastructure after this malware, to identify to Yingmob, the group behind this malicious project.

HummingWhale now

It was a matter of time, without being given a definitive solution to this problem, which HummingBad was adapted, and developers who like to acquire bad habits try to adopt this malware for earn money fraudulently. Such has been the evolution that has managed to gatecrash, neither more nor less than Google Play.

Check Point, again, discovered the heir of HummingBad, HummingWhale, seeping into applications from developers who acted under a fake Chinese name. His way of acting is quite similar to that of the previous version, but was able to go beyond, and can install applications without obtaining advanced privileges.

To sneak into Google Play, malware hiding their activities and thus be able to download many fraudulent applications I would like without overloading the device. In addition to these activities, HummingWhale carried out other malicious activities, as unlawful ads show or hide the original application once installed.

A total of 45 applications, as a minimum, have been detected with HummingWhale inside. If you have any of these installed apps, delete it immediately

As if this wasn’t enough, HummingWhale is able to increase the reputation of an application of illegally using ratings and reviews fraudulent copying this function from another old acquaintance, Gooligan.

There are a total of 45 applications containing this malware, and whose list you can see in the link below are. In this list there are some applications of camera, games or explorers of files, among others. Only it remains for us to wait for Google, not having it done already, remove these applications and can solve the problems that cause.

Finally, we subtracted recommend that if you have any of these installed applications, uninstall it immediately and, if it is not too late, even take the measure reset to factory data to try to get rid of any traces of malware.