The Mystery of the Rocky Bottoms in the Fishing

I do not know you… But at least I whenever I leave fishery in the evenings I like a lot trying to find rocky bottoms where to launch my bait. To my mind, and my experience as a fisherman I’ve noticed often that rocky bottoms for fishing are very effective places as chopped refers. Would you like to know what the mystery that have rocks for fishing effectiveness?… Keep reading that I’ll reveal…

First it is important that when you present you to the site to fish, you verify somehow if the Fund that you face is Rocky; as the hours will be the night, I recommend that you use your own fishing rod or your hand reel contact this hypothesis… how?… because you should throw your cane to fish and gather slowly dragging the hook by the Fund; If you notice the hook locks quite frequently, you can maybe give already assured that you are in the presence of a background full of rocks.

Now well… the main mystery that possess these funds to be effective in bites, is undoubtedly EL REFUGIO which means these ecosystems for many species. Literally, the fish do caves hiding from other larger predators and in addition also to camouflage and attack many small fish that roam the area. Therefore when you cast your bait in this “natural home” of hundreds of species, bites and catches increase by a large percent.

I personally use baits like squid and octopuses (strong baits) when I make this type of fishery, these 2 baits have given me many positive results, because that does not crumble easily between the ravages of the rocks, even when you lock the hook on the stones using these baits can ensure it unlocks with following bites of fish This is a big advantage.

Another mystery that have these funds is the speed to the fish that you own when you clavonazo.., you explain.., due to the many ‘caves’ possessing rocks, when poking the fish with the hook must remove as fast to it to avoid that are you ENLAJE in the above mentioned rocks; You must have this very present step so that you can capture many more fish, otherwise, enlajados, will be much more difficult to be able to get out of the cave as such. Another important TIP is that you should use POWER PRO in your reel, because this fish is much more resistant to rubbing of the rocks and thus will avoid many partings from the fish.

Last.., let me tell you some of the species that you could capture in these places: grunts, arrayados (a type of snapper), snapper, Saona, snappers, squirrelfishes, parrots, maidens, among many others.., for all these fish 2 baits that you indicated are effective, therefore you have to test these baits so notes that it will increase your percent of catches. I’d like to me to leave your comments about the article, if you was useful, if you want to bring something else so much better, but the most important thing is to put into practice these tips, because it is the only way that you can determine the degree of usefulness that represent the data that you provide in each of the content that I present on this web page. Once again thank you for visiting us and be part of this great community of fishing.


Yasel Dominguez-pescador experienced