The Networked Car

Google, networks, email, route -, restaurant-and hotel tips get much voice, and everything from the car seat? All this is no more the future today and should be standard in all price ranges in the near future. On measuring self-parked limousines impress visitors and already the first self steering vehicles to drive on the highways of the united states. In the following overview you will see what the auto manufacturers are currently working and what soon to make easier driving us. Also COMPUTER looked to be image on one of the largest north german car miles in hamburg then, what it is today already to buy there.

Overview: Networked car

22 pictures of autopilot smartphone integration

Audi secures s

Patrick helwig, sales manager at the manufacturer of audi, which currently competes with BMW to the top position on the topic of networking and car electronics, is important for all networking security : Cars are becoming mobile computers, so the 37-year-old. But computer can be hacked. Cars also. So, it is important to not just rely on the high-speed information superhighway on any network. In the near future, so the plan the ingolstädter, audi wants to offer its customers own server available. The intermediary audi server then delayed the transfer speed a bit, but it make sure the surfing. So are viruses through special protection programmes have no or at least hardly a chance, believes hamid and optimistically on the near future: Dynamic traffic guidance surf in real time, using speech recognition in car and email as on the home PC, short messages simply dictate or read let it all soon normal. Not long, then the electronics will read out also place and date of a business dinner and just in time to lead, so the audi man.

Auto-pilot: How to use your phone in the CAR
test: Fixed installation against mobile navis

Toyota’s promise

You know, nothing is impossible, says henning jib by toyota in hamburg. Our touch & go system we offer today as standard in almost all of our car. In the subcompact of yaris hybrid as well as in the lexus sedan. With the touch & go in conjunction with a smartphone, the toyota or lexus drivers via google can comfortably plan his route. This is very interesting for the field, who schedules his sales tour or want for the holidaymaker who miss no attraction on his tour. Special toyota apps give him via on-board computer information about where he can fill up on cheap, eat well or leisurely stay. However, targeted, yet not so many customers when purchasing a new car is asking internet-enabled on-board computers, jib admits. But there will be more. It is important that you can google in the car especially the younger ones. I think that in the future they want to have all this in the car, what gives them their laptop or smartphone. This is the challenge that lies ahead.