The New Functions Of The Computer Image Cloud App For Ios At a Glance

Now still more ease

The new version 1.4 of the COMPUTER image cloud app for iphone, ipad or ipod touch is now available as a download available. The newly revised version offers improved performance from now more features such as streaming music in the background. Convenient: You can launch your favorite music and following edit documents or browse through your photo gallery. Also new: Sending files to the cloud from any other apps out. Calling a message with attachment, for example, via an email you can translate this with just a few taps into the cloud. What the innovations offer everything you will learn in the below picture gallery.

Download: COMPUTER IMAGE app for ios

These are the new features in the ios cloud app

7 wallpapers overview start using iphone and ipad in the cloud
you want to work and test the new features also on your apple device in the cloud? You access anytime, anywhere with the free app for iphone, ipad or ipod touch on your data stored in the cloud. Download the small free program for ios devices to download directly from the download section of COMPUTER image. As easily succeed in installing the app on apple devices and you get instant mobile access to your internet hard drive with all files and folders, which reveals below picture gallery.

Download now free cloud app for iphone and ipad

Via ipad and iphone in the cloud

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sign up for the cloud now for free and test the new function of the ios app on your mobile apple device. Only providing a valid email address is required. Beginners get two gigabytes of memory free enough already for hundreds of images. More memory and features such as the online image editing and streaming of audio and video files you receive from collective cloud 10 off 4.90 euro in the month.