The New HTC One is Coming Out Soon

Not much longer, in fact there are three weeks, and HTC is introducing the new HTC one in London, and at the same time in New York City its new flagship Smartphone. Or the new HTC one +. Or the new HTC M8 – the name of the Smartphone was not betrayed that yet. Here what was betrayed to learn that!

An amateur video of a young person has surfaced on YouTube, where the new HTC one is – presented in detail and this some week before its official presentation of the new HTC one will be presented. Ouch, trouble. HTC has seen the new HTC one in the video also on the Web and found that not even funny!

As you can see in the video, the new HTC one differs not much from its predecessor, it is also made of metal, the pages are somewhat round and narrow. What has done is definitely on the back: the new HTC one there that has a second camera that should improve the quality of the photos again. In addition, you can see a dual-LED Flash, which can better illuminate the photo opportunities. The height of the resolution of the camera is still based on the ultra pixel technology, is not yet leaked. She may be higher than the 4 mega pixel with the old HTC one but probably already. Probably the new HTC one Smartphone has also a 5-inch full HD display according to Computerdo, plus minus 2 GB memory and a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. The internal memory will be expandable via microSD card, you can see that in the video pretty clearly. It is also pretty much that as the operating system the latest 4.4 will run Android Kit Kat along with the 6.0 version of the sense interface. There will not be a removable battery, if you look at the design, offering the new HTC one. Enough of the considerations and assumptions, we can just surprise us! HTC will present on 25 March in London and New York of the public at the same time the new HTC one. Once then you can pre-order the new HTC one with us, you can find it here – it is so worth to visit more often.

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