The New Nokia Will Be Punctual with Updates to Android, According to HMD

Delays in the updates are the most common problem for many Android users. In fact, currently still There are many terminals that have not received Android Nougat and the adoption of the new version is being very slow, hence manufacturers who are committed to launch the updates in a more timely manner have certain advantage.

For example, the success of bike G series a few years ago was based largely on the integration of pure Android and the relative speed with which came the updates and it seems that Nokia wants to follow the same path. Although there are no specific details on the layer of software that will integrate, HMD, the company responsible for manufacturing, has ensured that his intention is that updates will always point the new Nokia.

Updates in time

The return of Nokia was consummated with the official announcement of the Nokia 6 in early January. However, at the moment the device is only available in China, so date to return the brand officer is expected by February 26, when they will present in society new devices in the framework of the Mobile World Congress fair.

Plans of HMD, the company behind the manufacture of brand new terminals, launch several Nokia devices this year. However, although the hardware, there are enough clues (unconfirmed, that Yes), the software still don’t know specific details.

If we look at the Nokia 6, terminal comes with 7.0 Android Nougat and a customization layer, but there might be a unique interface for China. There are still possibilities of that surprise us with updates in this section.

Another concern is, for a change in Android, the frequency of updates that will have the new Nokia. To learn more about this topic, blog NokiaPowerUser would have contacted with HMD and the response, although not definitive, promises:

Our ambition is to always use the latest and safest of the Android system version. This also includes providing timely updates. We will offer more details in the first half of 2017, stay tuned.


It seems wanting in HMD work to provide updates as soon as possible, including security, rather than patches, confirm, no doubt It would be an advantage for terminals Nokia and it could raise the interest considerably.

As we said, the Nokia 6 comes standard with Android 7.0 and is expected to soon receive Android 7.1.1. We will have to wait for February 26, day for Nokia at the Mobile World Congress Conference, for all details.