The New Proposals of Kris Van Assche for Dior Homme

On Tuesday we went to the invitation which had made us Karen Azzinnari to see the new collection spring-summer 2014 presented during the Fashion Week men from Paris. Kris Van Assche, the creative director of Dior Homme has wanted to mix the formal with the informal, associating suits jackets to Bermuda.

¿Un smoking with short pants?, I asked Audrey Marsal it was kind enough to accompany me during all the parcours that lasted for the presentation of the new collection. He said laughingly that it was as if Van Assche had proposed creating garments that could adapt smoothly to any occasion.

Apparently, Audrey explained to me, it all started with the opening of the new store Dior in Miami, which Kris went to the inauguration. There, he had the opportunity to visit Art Basel Miami, the replica of the Art Basel Fair held in Switzerland which, besides being an important platform for contemporary art for art dealers and collectors, is also an important event in the world of fashion.

On the occasion of Art Basel in Miami, also held important parades in which firms that want to participate must respect certain guidelines or guidelines, as crear impact focusing on belonging to the contemporary art works. Kris Van Assche impacted much art of the Berlin artist Anselm Reyle completo, and arguably the entire collection that we present today is very inspired by his work.

The good news of mixing the formal with the informal is that numerous combinations can be. The jacket does not have to systematically go with pants, may also be with a Bermuda, and a suit jacket pants can lead with a satin shirt with collar box and sleeveless.

Although it may seem otherwise, there is much rigor in this collection in which the courts are very straight, with a military precision really the Kris Van Assche.

As for the colors many prunos, grey colors, Prussia and slate blue. In jackets I saw geometric patterns by mixing all these colors with fabrics with mirror finish as if they were patchwork. I take this opportunity to thank Nacho Aznar that accept to make improvised model so you can see how are the clothes out of the hanger. Thank you @olieteworldblog!!

These curious shoes that resemble ones worthy of mention Derby tuned in Dr. Martens, that used the housewives German after the war, that were reinforced in the toe with metal sheets, so they last more. Of course, that metallic trim on the sole of rubber was much more punk, and the detail of the eyelets extra to finish off these shoes laces loop was a real point and apart.

Do you like the new collection? You see it wearable? We look forward to hear your views.