“The Players”, the New Campaign of Dior Homme

A couple of months, Karen Azzinnari, the new Director of communications and marketing at Dior in Spain, was kind enough to invite Embelezzia to meet the new Dior Homme collection autumn/winter 2013-2014 composed of innovative and stylish garments made by Kris Van Assche.

Today, at long last, made public the images in this collection to a campaign which have been titled “The Player” (what translated could come and say “Players”) thanks to which you can see a selection of some of the garments that we saw in the showroom, selected by the stylist Olivier Rizzo.

Surprisingly, the famous Belgian photographer Willy Vanderperre It has chosen to make this campaign shooting on a stage decorated with lounges, libraries and even a billiard room where seems to dominate the wood and aged leather. If I commented that I was surprised this space is because when I saw this collection in the showroom of the firm, I found that its aesthetics were more adjusted to a style to the Stars Trek.

Models Victor Nylander, Jeroen Smits and Ben Allen they are the new faces of the campaign which, at the request of Vanderperre, have had to pose in front of the goal by adopting a languid attitude more characteristic of the dandies or poets of romanticism that intrepid intergalactic soldiers. Look but in the fall of hands or those slick hair.

For clothes, we see jackets very tight to the body of cutting military, with belts with large metal buckles. Seeing it in this context, the style of the new collection seems that it is rather between modernism and retro also with a nod to the dark years of the nazi occupation.

All in a very dark palette dominated by Blacks and strong blue with some exceptions in a blinding white, or some subtle, barely perceptible touch red. Some of the garments have been embroidered geometric and conceptual images that seem drawn from the Masonic symbolism.

With this collection, Kris Van Assche reinvents the silhouettes, mixing fashion with new technologies with bold proposals to give life to absolutely innovative items. Do you like the new aesthetic? Do you see yourself wearing these tight clothing?